CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Finally It's Christmas
2 Wonderful Christmas Time / Come on It's Christmas (medley)
3 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
4 'Til New Year's Night
5 Please Come Home for Christmas
6 Someday at Christmas
7 Joy to the Mountain
8 Jingle Bells
9 Happy Christmas
10 All I Want for Christmas
11 Winter Wonderland
12 Blue Christmas
13 Peace on Earth
14 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


CD 1

additional composer:
Lowell Mason (1839) (track 7)
assistant engineer:
Isaac Hanson (tracks 1–14)
Felix Bernard (track 11)
George Frideric Handel (German‐British baroque composer) (track 7)
Hugh Martin (track 14)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 7)
Paul McCartney (track 2)
James Lord Pierpont (1850) (track 8)
CJ Eiriksson (tracks 1–14)
Ralph Blane (track 14)
Paul McCartney (track 2)
Richard B. Smith (wrote lyrics to "Winter Wonderland") (track 11)
Isaac Watts (hymn writer) (track 7)
John Wesley Work (John Wesley Work, Jr.) (track 7)
James Lord Pierpont (1850) (track 8)
CJ Eiriksson (tracks 2–3, 5–14)
Tom Lord‐Alge (tracks 1, 4)
Hanson (American pop group) (tracks 1–14)
Mark Hudson (US songwriter/record producer) (tracks 1–14)
Walter Afanasieff (track 10)
Charles Brown (blues musician) (track 5)
Mariah Carey (track 10)
Bill Hayes (Country-Pop artist) (track 12)
Jay Johnson (songwriter of "Blue Christmas") (track 12)
Ron Miller (Motown songwriter Ronald Norman Miller) (track 6)
Gene Redd (Senior; vibraphonist & trumpeter, bandleader and A&R man) (track 5)
Bryan Wells (track 6)
C. Mose Music (track 5)
EMI Music (do not use as release label! this is a music publisher) (track 11)
Lark Music Inc. (track 5)
MPL Communications Ltd. (not for release label use! Paul McCartney-related, London-based company) (track 2)
Redwood Music Ltd. (Carlin) (track 11)
Rye Songs (track 10)
Sony Songs Inc. (track 10)
Sony Tunes, Inc. (track 10)
Trio Music Company (track 5)
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998) (track 12)
Universal/MCA Music Ltd. (not for release label use!) (track 10)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (track 11)
Wallyworld Music (track 10)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996) (track 8)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (track 5)
recorded at:
3CG Studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States (tracks 1–14)
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (arr. Peter Knight) (track 14)
Jingle All the Way (track 8)
Jingle Bells (Beegie Adair, Roger Spencer arrangements) (track 8)
Jingle Bells (arr. Gordon Langford) (track 8)
Jingle Bells (arr. Chilcott) (track 8)
Jingle a cappella (track 8)
Joy to the World (Geoff Zanelli's arrangement) (track 7)
Joy to the World (arr. Aly and AJ) (track 7)
Joy to the World (arr. Keyte & Parrott) (track 7)
Joy to the World (Peter Cardinali arrangement) (track 7)
Joy to the World (track 7)
Joy to the World (John Rutter's arrangement) (track 7)
Joy to the World (Mannheim Steamroller arrangement) (track 7)
Joy to the World (arr. Scott Kritzer) (track 7)
Joy to the World (arr. Johnson and Ricketts) (track 7)
Joy to the World (Our God Reigns) (Sovereign Grace version of Joy to the World) (track 7)
cover recording of:
Blue Christmas (track 12)
Winter Wonderland (track 11)
is the basis for:
Good King Joy (track 7)
Joy to the World (Mariah Carey song, based off both the Christmas carol and the Hoyt Axton/Three Dog Night song) (track 7)
PDX-mas Carol (track 7)
Trikkevise (track 8)
Året rundt (track 8)
later parody versions:
Dschingenkhan (track 8)
Jingle Bells (Daniel Ingram lyrics) (track 8)
Jingle Bells Deep (Aqua Teen Hunger Force version) (track 8)
Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (Children's schoolyard parody of Batman and Jingle Bells) (track 8)
Snowdown Skins (track 8)
Wii Christmastime (track 2)
Yingle Bells (track 8)
Čin čin čin (track 8)
later translated parody versions:
Klokkeklang (track 8)
later translated versions:
Bjelleklang (track 8)
Bjällerklang (track 8)
Bjældeklang (track 8)
Ej, stāsti kalnos, lejās (Latvian version of "Go Tell It on the Mountain") (track 7)
Jingle Bells (track 8)
Kom naar huis (track 5)
Kulkuset (track 8)
Līksmi lai skan (Latvian version of English "Joy to the World") (track 7)
Mijn nummer eén (track 10)
Riemuita saa (translated by V. Arti) (track 7)
Riemuita saa! (translated by Hilkka Norkamo) (track 7)
Talven ihmemaa (track 11)
Winter Wonderland (track 11)
Zvaniņš skan (Alfrēds Krūklis version) (track 8)
ウィンターワンダーランド (Japanese version of “Winter Wonderland”) (track 11)
ジングルベル (transl. Otawa Takashi) (track 8)
ジングルベル (Shōji Miyazawa's translation) (track 8)
聖誕歌聲 (track 8)
聖誕鈴聲 (track 8)
later versions:
Cik lēni snieg (Latvian version of "Blue Christmas") (track 12)
Jingle Bells (track 8)
Jingle Bells (Die Toten Hosen arrangement) (track 8)
Jingle Bells (Lechner / Trabitsch) (track 8)
Swingle Bells (track 8)
Vive le vent (track 8)
Winter Wunderwelt (track 11)
Zvaniņš skan (Latvian version of "Jingle Bells") (track 8)
medley including a cover recording of:
medley including a recording of:
Joy to the World (Christmas carol) (track 7)
part of:
Meet Me in St. Louis (1944 film) (track 14)
recording of:
Jingle Bells (track 8)
referred to in medleys:
A Christmas Festival (tracks 7–8)
Christmas Train (medley) (tracks 7–8)
Holiday Cheer (track 14)
Medley (Christmas with Frank Ferrari) (tracks 8, 11)
Noëls pour cordes (track 7)
Mix 3 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track 14)
Megamix 1 (It Must Be Christmas) (track 11)
Mix 4 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track 8)
Mix 1 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track 2)
Mix 2 (The Best Xmas Party Ever!) (track 11)
Polarlufteinbruch (track 11)
Megamix 3 (It Must Be Christmas) (tracks 11–12)

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