The first Ministry of Sound release. ℗ & © M.O.S. Recordings Ltd. - 1993.
Made In England - Distributed by RTM / Pinnacle

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Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A-1 All Funked Up (Mother’s Pride mix)
Mother 5:36
A-2 Ming’s Incredible Disco Machine (Geeeeetaar & Peeeeeanno mix)
Brothers Love Dubs 7:56
A-3 Let’s Dance (original Peach mix)
Mr. Peach 3:54
A-4 Movin’ On (Correct house mix)
Roach Motel 6:23
A-5 Take a Ride (extended disco mix)
Club 69 3:06
A-6 Dreams (Red Underground mix)
Gabrielle 4:24
B-1 Take It to the Top (Epstein’s Massive Bongo mix)
New Dance Republic 12:03
B-2 London X‐Press (The Journey Continues)
X‐Press 2 6:18
B-3 Black Sky (Dub Extravaganza, Part II)
Shakespears Sister 8:59
B-4 The Question
Seven Grand Housing Authority 6:55
B-5 Slide on the Rhythm
Arizona feat. Zeitia 5:13
B-6 Testament One
Chubby Chunks 7:32


Cassette 1

Steve Anderson (producer, in groups Scratch Acid, Brothers in Rhythm, et al) (track A-2)
Ashley Beedle (track B-2)
Diesel (London tech-house producer Darren House) (track B-2)
Terry Farley (track A-4)
Michael Gray (UK techno DJ/producer) (track B-5)
Connie Harvey (track A-5)
Pete Heller (track A-4)
Georg O. Luksch (track A-5)
Terrence Parker (house music DJ/producer) (track B-4)
Jon Pearn (track B-5)
Peter Rauhofer (track A-5)
Rocky (Darren Rock) (track B-2)
Dave Seaman (track A-2)
TST Fever Posse (track B-6)
Darren Emerson (track B-3)
Rick Smith (electronic producer, member of Underworld) (track B-3)
Zeitia (track B-5)
recording of:
Movin’ On (track A-4)
Slide on the Rhythm (track B-5)
Testament One (track B-6)
The Question (track B-4)