12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Turn on Your Love Light
A2 The Bright Lights and You Girl
A3 I Can't Stop Loving You
A4 Hard to Handle
A5 Delilah
A6 Danny Boy
A7 (It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall in Love Again
B1 Help Yourself
B2 Yesterday
B3 Hey Jude
B4 Love Me Tonight
B5 It's Not Unusual
B6 Twist and Shout


12" Vinyl 1

Les Reed (track A5)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track A6)
Don Gibson (track A3)
Don Gibson (track A3)
Barry Mason (English songwriter) (track A5)
Frederick Edward Weatherly (1910 – 1913) (track A6)
Bert Russell (track B6)
Jimmie Currie (songwriter) (track A7)
Lonnie Donegan (track A7)
Alvertis Isbell (track A4)
Allen Jones (producer/songwriter/musician/engineer) (track A4)
John Lennon (Beatle) (track B2)
Deadric Malone (track A1)
Paul McCartney (track B2)
Phil Medley (track B6)
Gordon Mills (60s/70s UK producer) (track B5)
Otis Redding (track A4)
Les Reed (track B5)
Joe Scott (40s-60s US blues artist) (track A1)
John Lennon (Beatle) (1968) (track B3)
Paul McCartney (1968) (track B3)
Boosey & Hawkes, Inc. (USA, publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track A6)
Northern Songs Ltd. (tracks B2–B3)
Valley Music Ltd (track B5)
Maclen Music Ltd. (1965 –) (track B2)
12 Songs: Hey Jude (track B3)
12 Songs: Yesterday (track B2)
Danny Boy (arr. Gamley) (track A6)
Danny Boy (James Last arrangement) (track A6)
Danny Boy (for violin and orchestra, arr. Lenehan & Kennedy) (track A6)
Danny Boy (arr. Joseph Flummerfelt) (track A6)
La nostra favola (translated) (track A5)
is based on:
Londonderry Air (track A6)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
DNA (track B2)
Guard Your Candle (track A4)
Hey Jews (track B3)
Hey Spike (track B3)
Scrambled Eggs (track B2)
Take Jude (track B3)
Twins Came Out (track B6)
Yes Today (track B2)
later translated parody versions:
Hey Buur (track B3)
Hey Jules (track B3)
Twist n'chat (track B6)
later translated versions:
Ayer (track B2)
Blosndee (track B2)
C'était plus fort que tout (I Can't Stop Loving You) (track A3)
Ddoe Mor Bell (track B2)
Delilah (track A5)
Delilah (track A5)
Delilah (track A5)
Dyddiau Fu (track B2)
Eilinen (track B2)
Gestern noch (Yesterday) (track B2)
Hey Jude (german translation) (track B3)
Hey Jude (Finnish) (track B3)
Ieri a lei (track B2)
Jamás te olvidaré (I Can't Stop Loving You) (track A3)
Je croyais (track B2)
Twist im Blut (Twist and Shout) (track B6)
Twist y gritos (track B6)
Untamieta (track B3)
Vakardiena (Latvian version of "Yesterday") (track B2)
Дилайла (track A5)
later versions:
Dalila (track A5)
Je fais le singe (track A1)
Otis (Eddy Mitchell song) (track A4)
Twiste et chante (track B6)
live cover recording of:
Danny Boy (1969) (track A6)
Hard to Handle (1969) (track A4)
Hey Jude (1969) (track B3)
I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (1969) (track A3)
I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Lonnie Donegan song) (1969) (track A7)
Turn on Your Love Light (1969) (track A1)
Twist and Shout (1969) (track B6)
Yesterday (1969) (track B2)
live recording of:
Delilah (Tom Jones song) (1969) (track A5)
It’s Not Unusual (1969) (track B5)
referred to in medleys:
The Beatles Concerto: 1st Movement: Maestoso - Allegro moderato (She Loves You / Eleanor Rigby / Yesterday / All My Loving / Hey Jude) (tracks B2–B3)
Polkas on 45 (track B3)
All Together Now (medley) (track B3)

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