Cassette 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Smells Like Teen Spirit
A2 Blew
A3 In Bloom
A4 All Apologies
A5 Rape Me
A6 Stay Away
A7 Dumb
B1 Heart-Shaped Box
B2 Come as You Are
B3 School
B4 About a Girl
B5 Lithium
B6 Polly
B7 Something in the Way


Cassette 1

Chad Channing (track B6)
Dave Grohl (track A1)
Krist Novoselic (tracks A1, B6)
Kurt Cobain (tracks A1–B7)
Kurt Cobain (tracks A1–B7)
EMI Virgin Songs, Inc. (tracks A4–A5)
MJ Twelve Music (track A1)
Murky Slough Music (track A1)
Primary Wave Tunes (tracks A1, A3, B2, B4–B5)
The End of Music (tracks A4–A5, B4)
The End of Music LLC (tracks A1, A3, A6, B2, B5–B7)
Warner‐Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track A1)
The End of Music (1991) (tracks A1, A3, A6, B2, B5–B7)
Virgin Songs Inc. (1991) (tracks A1, A3, A6, B2, B5–B7)
has revision:
later parody versions:
All ApologetiX (track A4)
Humppanirvana (track A1)
Outro (track A1)
Smells Like Nirvana (track A1)
Young as You Are (track B2)
later translated parody versions:
Ejaculatio Praecox (track A1)
later translated versions:
Geh kumm hearst (track B3)
Kaar Mege (track A5)
later versions:
(New Wave) Polly (track B6)
recording of:
About a Girl (track B4)
All Apologies (track A4)
Blew (track A2)
Come as You Are (track B2)
Dumb (track A7)
Heart‐Shaped Box (track B1)
In Bloom (track A3)
Lithium (track B5)
Polly (track B6)
Rape Me (track A5)
School (track B3)
Stay Away (track A6)