CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Wicked Game (Melanconia) 4:15
2 Crying (Llorando) 3:25
3 Don’t Cry for Me Argentina 5:15
4 Dov’è l’amore 3:26
5 Falling Slowly (Te prometo) 4:08
6 Come What May (Te amare) 4:56
7 Senza parole 4:17
8 Stay (Ven a mi) 3:21
9 Sempre sempre 3:47
10 Time to Say Goodbye (Con te partirò) 4:20


CD 1

additional lyricist:
Frank Peterson (track 10)
Samuel Barber (American orchestral, choral, opera & piano composer) (track 4)
Andrew Lloyd Webber (English composer and impresario of musical theatre) (track 3)
Francesco Sartori (track 10)
Chris Isaak (track 1)
Savan Kotecha (track 4)
Marco Marinangeli (track 4)
Chris Isaak (track 1)
Lucio Quarantotto (track 10)
Tim Rice (track 3)
Marco Marinangeli (track 1)
Rudy Pérez (Mexican songwriter, musician) (track 5)
Thania Sanz (singer-songwriter who is aka Thania Sanchez-Sanz) (track 2)
David Baerwald (track 6)
Marcella Levy (track 8)
Jörgen Elofsson (Also known as Shane) (track 7)
Siobhan Fahey (track 8)
Kevin Gilbert (singer songwriter) (track 6)
Glen Hansard (track 5)
Markéta Irglová (track 5)
Patrick Jordan-Patrikios (British, producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist) (track 7)
Savan Kotecha (track 9)
Marco Marinangeli (tracks 7, 9)
Joe Melson (track 2)
Roy Orbison (track 2)
Rudy Pérez (Mexican songwriter, musician) (track 6)
Jean Guiot (UK guitarist/singer for Eurythmics) (track 8)
Evita Music (track 3)
Evita Music Ltd. (track 3)
Leeds Music (MCA) (track 3)
Universal Music Corp. (USA, affiliated with ASCAP) (track 3)
Universal Music Publishing (UK subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group) (track 3)
arrangement of:
Come What May (translated) (track 6)
Falling Slowly (Once) (translated) (track 5)
Stay (translated) (track 8)
Wicked Game (translated) (track 1)
cover recording of:
Time to Say Goodbye (version with predominantly Italian lyrics, except for the phrase “time to say goodbye”) (track 10)
is based on:
Adagio for Strings (track 4)
later parody versions:
later translated versions:
Tiếng hát em (Me yêu thương con ơi... cùng me nắng nghe...) (track 3)
part of:
Evita (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) (track 3)
recording of:
Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Evita) (track 3)
Dov’è l’amore (track 4)
Llorando (version of Orbison and Melson's "Crying") (track 2)
Melanconia (track 1)
Sempre sempre (track 9)
Senza parole (track 7)
Te amare (track 6)
Te prometo (track 5)
Ven a mi (track 8)
referred to in medleys:
4 Chords (Unicante 2013 version) (track 10)
Arenature (track 3)
translated version of:
Con te partirò (completely Italian lyrics; no “time to say goodbye”) (track 10)
Crying (track 2)


photography:Max Dodson
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