CD released by DJ Magazine, enclosed to Vol.4 No.65 | September 2008

On the back cover of the CD is actually written 'issue 464'

With one eye on the past and another on the future, this mix takes you to the heart of Digweed's club and label. Featuring tracks from John Digweed & Nik Muir, Christian Smith, Moonface, Misstress Barbara, Guy J and more.

Digweed talks about Bedrock_10:
"I really wanted this mix to be like a tasting menu. there are 17 tracks on it and you're getting little bits of tracks rather than the whole thing. Sometimes there are three or four tracks playing at the same time. I figured this way people who listen to it can get their heads round whether they want to check the tracks when they come out on Bedrock."

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Emerald (Charlie May unreleased dub)
Bedrock ?:??
2 Chutney (Tom Mangan 2008 mix)
Tom Mangan ?:??
3 Aquatonic
John Digweed & Nick Muir ?:??
4 Aquatonic (Nick Muir’s alternative mix)
John Digweed & Nick Muir ?:??
5 Beautiful Strange (John Digweed & Nick Muir 2008 mix)
Bedrock ?:??
6 Mikro
Guy J ?:??
7 Empathy
Jim Rivers ?:??
8 Aftertouch
Guy J ?:??
9 Pushin’ Too Hard (Gutterstylz 2008 mix)
Saints & Sinners ?:??
10 Santiago (Guy Gerber unreleased dub)
Bedrock ?:??
11 Flyer Talk
Christian Smith ?:??
12 Revolver
Jim Rivers ?:??
13 U Get So Give (Paolo Mojo mix)
Moonface ?:??
14 K10 (Alan Fitzpatrick 2008 mix)
Misstress Barbara ?:??
15 Friendly Skies
Christian Smith ?:??
16 Geko
Guy J ?:??
17 Esperanza Outro
Guy J ?:??