12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 ’til You Come Back to Me
Leo Sayer 4:05
A2 Sea of Heartbreak
Leo Sayer 3:44
A3 More Than I Can Say
Leo Sayer 3:41
A4 Darlin’
Leo Sayer 4:58
A5 Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow
Leo Sayer 2:43
A6 How Beautiful You Are
Leo Sayer 3:54
A7 Orchard Road
Leo Sayer 4:27
B1 Aviation
Leo Sayer 4:27
B2 Heart (Stop Beating in Time)
Leo Sayer 4:35
B3 Your Love Still Brings Me to My Knees
Leo Sayer 3:01
B4 Have You Ever Been in Love
Leo Sayer 3:43
B5 Wounded Heart
Leo Sayer 4:13
B6 Love Games
Leo Sayer 3:47
B7 Never Had a Dream Come True
Leo Sayer 4:51


12" Vinyl 1

Peter Blegvad (track A6)
Carlene Carter (track B5)
Simon Climie (track B5)
Roger Cook (track B3)
John Danter (track B4)
Barry Gibb (tracks B2, B2)
Maurice Gibb (tracks B2, B2)
Robin Gibb (tracks B2, B2)
John Greaves (track A6)
Paul Hampton (track A2)
Andy Hill (English producer & songwriter) (track B4)
Mike Love (Beach Boys) (track A4)
Tanya MacKay (track B6)
Peter Sinfield (track B4)
Alan Tarney (tracks A5, A7)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys co-founder) (track A4)
Bobby Wood (track B3)
Thurston Clarke (track B1)
Tanya MacKay (track B6)
Thurston Clarke (track B1)
Hal David (track A2)
Leo Sayer (tracks A5, A7)
Jerry Allison (track A3)
Morris Broadnax (track A1)
Henry Cosby (track B7)
Sonny Curtis (track A3)
Sylvia Moy (track B7)
Clarence Paul (track A1)
Stevie Wonder (tracks A1, B7)
cover recording of:
Darlin' (track A4)
More Than I Can Say (track A3)
Sea of Heartbreak (track A2)
later translated versions:
More Than I Can Say (track A3)
蝦妹共你 (track A3)
recording of:
Aviation (track B1)
Love Games (track B6)
Orchard Road (track A7)
Wounded Heart (track B5)