Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Braindead
Zero Defects 5:26
A2 Toy Factory
Zero Defects 5:10
A3 Statics
Paracont 4:37
A4 Inside
Paracont 3:35
A5 Filled With Schmerz
Deux Ex Machina 4:28
A6 Peace Is Disease
Deux Ex Machina 5:47
A7 Use Your Violence
Sektor B 3:53
A8 Their False Revolution
Sektor B 2:45
A9 Weapon of Lust
Kandinsky 3:00
A10 Hymn Againt Fascism
Kandinsky 2:46
A11 Schlachthof
System Fehler 3:36
B1 Save Me
Suicide Commando 6:13
B2 E.C.T.
Suicide Commando 3:26
B3 Vivisection
Splatter Squall 3:45
B4 Requiem
Splatter Squall 6:22
B5 Stormblade
Shade Factory 5:19
B6 Escape
Shade Factory 4:47
B7 Run to Hide
Psychic Force 4:07
B8 Time Out
The Orphobia 5:54
B9 Nature Is Crying
The Orphobia 5:15