We at ESM have had the immense pleasure of welcoming many amazing talents to the label over the years, some of which who have stayed with us since day one and still reside with us to this day, pushing out magical tune after magical tune, but if there is one artist who most certainly fits the bill for this description it would definitely have to be our own Aussie A&R – South Pole. Having graced this label with some of the most elaborately designed melodic bombshells to date, we can only look back, smile fondly and thank our lucky stars for having such a massively talented and passionate artist on our imprint and working with us day to day to help other aspiring artists along. So it is with great pleasure that we revisit one of our utmost favorites from this artist, which not only is a favorite but is also his debut track on ESM. Float is in every sense a masterpiece to this day and we are truly excited to not only bring this beautiful production back into the spotlight, but also offer some top shelf remixes from label veteran Ethillas, as well as long running progressive guru Roald Velden, who each have put their talented trademark spin on this classic. Without a doubt this is definitely one release we have been simply dying to get out to all of you and we can only hope that many of you enjoy this collection as much as we do.

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Float
2 Float (Ethillas remix)
3 Float (Roald Velden remix)


Digital Media 1

Ethillas (track 2)
Roald Velden (Trance Producer) (track 3)


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