Celtic Poets

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CD 1
1Description of an Irish Feast
Jonathan Swift2:56
2The Wearing of the Green
3Bold Phelim Brady, the Bard of Armagh
4The Humors of Donnybrook Fair
5An Irishman's Christening
6A Longford Legend
7The Agricultural Irish Girl
8Brian O'Linn
9Killyburn Brae
10The Maid That Sold Her Barley
11I Know Where I Am Going
12I Want to Be Married and Cannot Tell How
13Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye
14Mrs. McGrath
15The Deserted Village
Oliver Goldsmith23:05
16O'Husseys Ode to the Maguire
James Clarence Mangan3:57
17The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls
Thomas Moore0:48
18At the Mid Hour of Night
Thomas Moore0:52
19All That's Bright Must Fade
Thomas Moore0:57
20From ODE
Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy1:44
Patrick MacGill2:08
22From the Ballad of Reading Gaol
Oscar Wilde2:21
23To the Rose Upon the Rood of Time
William Butler Yeats1:26
24The Lake Isle of Innisfree
William Butler Yeats0:49
25The Sorrow of Love
William Butler Yeats0:42
26When You Are Old
William Butler Yeats0:43
27The Wild Swans at Coole
William Butler Yeats1:20
28A Prayer for My Daughter
William Butler Yeats3:33
29The Circus Animals' Desertion
William Butler Yeats2:08
CD 2
1Rob Roy
2To a Mouse
Robert Burns1:51
3Scots, Wha Hae
Robert Burns0:58
4For a' That and a' That
Robert Burns1:32
5A Red, Red Rose
Robert Burns0:43
6Auld Lang Syne
Robert Burns1:29
7Holy Willie's Prayer
Robert Burns3:36
8Tam O' Shanter
Robert Burns9:30
9Proud Maisie
Sir Walter Scott0:38
10When Maggy Gangs Away
James Hogg1:10
11The House Beautiful
Robert Louis Stevenson1:33
Robert Louis Stevenson0:27
13The Skye Boat Song
Robert Louis Stevenson1:06
14To S.R. Crockett
Robert Louis Stevenson0:48
John Davidson0:50
16Thirty Bob a Week
John Davidson4:49
Thomas Traherne2:38
18Shadows in the Water
Thomas Traherne3:10
19Grongar Hill
John Dyer6:37



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