7" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 I Scream, You Scream
Flash Gordon 1:02
A2 NxF
Flash Gordon 0:40
A3 7 and 7 Is
Flash Gordon 0:44
A4 W-A-C-K-O Boy
Flash Gordon 1:50
B1 Potemkin Village
Capitalist Casualties 1:05
B2 Mouthfed
Capitalist Casualties 0:32
B3 Dishrag
Capitalist Casualties 0:23
B4 Tract House
Capitalist Casualties 1:41
7" Vinyl 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
C1 Group Think
Nice View 0:33
C2 Punk Rock Craze
Nice View 0:37
C3 Kamawaretagari
Nice View 1:01
C4 Falling for Effort
Nice View 0:39
C5 Withdrawal
Nice View 1:00
D1 Economic Survival
Hellnation 1:07
D2 Not Free From You
Hellnation 0:27
D3 Your a Joke
Hellnation 0:39
D4 Reflection
Hellnation 0:15
D5 Ivan Kohlof Knew
Hellnation 0:24
D6 Content
Hellnation 0:20
D7 Punk or Cop
Hellnation 0:35
7" Vinyl 3
# Title Artist Rating Length
E1 Sanrio Soldier
Spazz 1:08
E2 Connie the Mack
Spazz 0:41
E3 Plastic Grandma Cackling at the Frozen Lemonade Fishbowl Baby
Spazz 0:30
E4 Bastard Tomb Ride
Spazz 0:55
E5 Beattie and the Beat
Spazz 1:29
F1 Suddenly Insert
Fuck on the Beach 1:03
F2 Don't Service
Fuck on the Beach 0:38
F3 Spook
Fuck on the Beach 0:43
F4 It's Buh Buh Time
Fuck on the Beach 1:05
F5 I Love Fat Women
Fuck on the Beach 0:06
F6 Fuck on the Beach
Fuck on the Beach 1:12
7" Vinyl 4
# Title Artist Rating Length
G1 [untitled]
Real Reggae 0:45
G2 Injustice
Real Reggae 1:15
G3 Last of Revenge
Real Reggae 1:09
G4 Complete Magi System
Real Reggae 1:14
G5 Give It Back
Real Reggae 1:25
G6 Roots
Real Reggae 1:26
H1 Youth Attack
Charles Bronson 1:04
H2 Marriage Can Suck It
Charles Bronson 0:37
H3 The Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song
Charles Bronson 1:15
H4 Fuck Technology, This Songs Fucking Butchered
Charles Bronson 0:40
H5 Too Much of a Good Thing
Charles Bronson 1:14
H6 Punching a Gift Horse in the Mouth
Charles Bronson 0:37
H7 The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together
Charles Bronson 1:12


7" Vinyl 4

cover recording of:
Give It Back (Disrupt) (track G5)

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