Recorded March - October 2010 at Sweetwater Sound, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Produced by Farrell Vernon.
Engineered by Jeff Steeg and Nathan Heironimus.
Cover Art: Sanctuary, (c) 1994 John Hrehov, Oil on Panel. Courtesy of the artist and Denise Bibro Fine ARt, Inc., New York, New York.
Photo of Pharrell Vernon: Elmer Denman.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Fantasy
Ken Johnson 7:02
2 Nocturne
Tim Reed 7:18
3 Moments, Once Remembered: I. Toccata
Kirk O'Riordan 3:10
4 Moments, Once Remembered: II. Ostinato
Kirk O'Riordan 3:16
5 Moments, Once Remembered: III. Canon
Kirk O'Riordan 2:54
6 Moments, Once Remembered: IV. Barcarolle
Kirk O'Riordan 3:20
7 Moments, Once Remembered: V. Recitative and Dance
Kirk O'Riordan 4:17
8 Rocking
Tim Reed 3:47
9 Soliloquy
Roger C. Vogel 7:01
10 Mpingo
Doug Bristol 6:34
11 Thai Garden Shadows: I. Koi Pond Meditation
Farrell Vernon 3:23
12 Thai Garden Shadows: II. Buddha Sanctuary
Farrell Vernon 3:36
13 Thai Garden Shadows: III. Spirit House
Farrell Vernon 4:03
14 Thai Garden Shadows: IV. Monsoon Upon a Bamboo Thicket
Farrell Vernon 5:28
15 Amazing Grace and Wondrous Love
Walter Hartley 2:34


CD 1

Derek Reeves (Violist) (track 11)
Laura Lydy (Guitarist) (tracks 3–7)
Eric Schweikert (Percussionist) (tracks 11–14)
Jim Steele (Pianist, composer, teacher, and recording artist) (track 8)
Hamilton Tescarollo (Pianist) (tracks 1, 15)
viola da gamba:
Melanie Bookout (track 1)
Brad Crossland (Percussionist) (tracks 11–14)
sopranino saxophone:
Farrell Vernon (James Farrell Vernon, D.A. (Saxophonist)) (tracks 1–15)
Walter Hartley (composer) (track 15)
Doug Bristol (Dr. Doug Bristol: trombonist and composer) (track 10)
Tim Reed (Dr. Tim Reed: composer) (tracks 2, 8)
Farrell Vernon (James Farrell Vernon, D.A. (Saxophonist)) (tracks 11–14)
Roger C. Vogel (track 9)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 15)
Kirk O'Riordan (Dr. Kirk O'Riordan: composer, conductor, and saxophonist) (2008) (tracks 3–7)
Ken Johnson (Dr. Ken Johnson: composer, guitarist) (2009) (track 1)
dedicated to:
Caterina Bristol (track 10)
part of:
Thai Garden Shadows (tracks 11–14)
Moments, Once Remembered (tracks 3–7)
recording of:
Fantasy (track 1)
Mpingo (track 10)
Nocturne (track 2)
Rocking (track 8)
Soliloquy (track 9)


co-engineer: Nathan Heironimus
Jeff Steeg
producer: Farrell Vernon (James Farrell Vernon, D.A. (Saxophonist))
ASIN: US: B005RYGSZK [info]
Allmusic: [info]