The cover art on this release is rotated from the typical positioning. Assuming the "normal" orientation of spine on the left and opening on the right when looking at the front of the outer sleeve and opening on the top of the liner:
The front cover is upside down (180°)
The back cover is rotated 90° counter-clockwise
The information side of the liner is rotated 90° counter-clockwise
The picture side of the liner is rotated 90° clockwise

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Feeling Gravity’s Pull 4.35 4:52
2 Maps and Legends 4 3:10
3 Driver 8 4.2 3:24
4 Life and How to Live It 4 4:09
5 Old Man Kensey 3.65 4:10
6 Can’t Get There From Here 4 3:40
7 Green Grow the Rushes 4 3:46
8 Kohoutek 3.35 3:17
9 Auctioneer (Another Engine) 4 2:44
10 Good Advices 4 3:31
11 Wendell Gee 3.65 3:00


12" Vinyl 1

drums (drum set):
Bill Berry (R.E.M. drummer) (tracks 1–11)
bass guitar:
Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player) (tracks 1–11)
Peter Buck (R.E.M. guitarist) (tracks 1–11)
Joe Boyd (US producer, founder of Hannibal Records) (tracks 1–11)
Michael Stipe (tracks 1–11)
Jerry Ayers (track 5)
Bill Berry (R.E.M. drummer) (tracks 1–11)
Peter Buck (R.E.M. guitarist) (tracks 1–11)
Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player) (tracks 1–11)
Michael Stipe (tracks 1–11)
Night Garden Music (tracks 1–11)
engineered at:
recording of:
Driver 8 (track 3)
Good Advices (track 10)
Kohoutek (track 8)
Maps and Legends (track 2)
Old Man Kensey (track 5)
Wendell Gee (track 11)


graphic design:M K Johnston
engineer:Jerry Boys
Barry Clempson
Tony Harris (Producer/Engineer)
mastering:Jack Skinner (engineer)
bass:Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player)
guest baritone saxophone and tenor saxophone:David Bitelli
guest cello:David Newby
guest tenor saxophone:Pete Thomas (drummer)
guest trumpet:Jim Dvorak
guest violin:Camilla Brunt
Philippa Ibbotson (violinist)
guitar:Peter Buck (R.E.M. guitarist)
membranophone:Bill Berry (R.E.M. drummer)
vocals:Michael Stipe
mastered at:Sterling Sound (split/relocated to Nashville and Edgewater studios in 2018, but NY studio planned to reopen in 2019) in New York, New York, United States
Discogs: [info]
ASIN:US: B000LY2E3G [info]