12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A01 National Service
Garry Johnson 1:03
A02 1984
The 4‐Skins 2:12
A03 Gang Warfare
The Strike 2:16
A04 Riot Riot
Infa Riot 1:36
A05 Dead End Yobs
Garry Johnson 1:27
A06 Working Class Kids
The Last Resort 2:55
A07 Blood on the Street
Criminal Class 2:45
A08 She Goes to Finos
The Toy Dolls 3:18
A09 Best Years of Our Lives
Barney Rubble 0:32
A10 Taken for a Ride
Cock Sparrer 2:04
A11 We Outnumber You
Infa Riot 2:46
A12 The New Face of Rock 'n' Roll
Garry Johnson 1:12
B01 Beans
Barney Rubble 0:06
B02 We're Pathetique
Splodgenessabounds 2:18
B03 Sorry
The 4‐Skins 3:11
B04 Running Riot
Cock Sparrer 3:13
B05 Johnny Barden
The Last Resort 3:52
B06 Isubaleene, Part 2
Splodgenessabounds 3:24
B07 Running Away
Criminal Class 2:31
B08 Skinhead
The Strike 2:03
B09 Deirdre's a Slag
The Toy Dolls 4:20
B10 Harbour Mafia Mantra (An a cappella Delight)
The Shaven Heads 1:41


12" Vinyl 1

bass guitar:
Tom McCourt (track A02)
John Jacobs (4-skins Drummer) (track A02)
Steve Pear (track A02)
The 4‐Skins (track A02)
Michael Algar (track A08)
Michael Algar (track A08)
Gary Hodges (track A02)
Mick Beaufoy (track B04)
Steve Bruce (track B04)
Steve Burgess (UK punk bassist for Cock Sparrer, songwriter) (track B04)
Garrie Lammin (track B04)
Colin McFaull (track B04)
recording of:
1984 (track A02)
Runnin' Riot (track B04)
She Goes to Finos (track A08)

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