Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Lifetimes
Slam 8:31
2 Substance
Dot Allison 7:53
3 All I Got to Know
Alexander Kowalski 6:00
4 Sweet Dreams (Miss Kittin remix)
Eurythmics 4:54
5 Musik Is My Life
Felix da Housecat 3:21
6 Dance Like It Is OK
Märtini Brös. 5:37
7 1982
Miss Kittin & The Hacker 5:19
8 Ghost Trains
Erlend Øye 4:35
9 Here to Stay
New Order 8:12
10 Heart of Glass
Blondie 5:59
11 So weit wie noch nie
Jürgen Paape 4:30
12 Sexy Boy
Air 4 5:01
13 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Saint Etienne 4:31
14 Remind Me
Röyksopp 3:39


Medium 1

drums (drum set) [batterie]:
Marlon (engineer, producer, drummer) (track 12)
bass guitar [basse]:
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
tambourine [tambourin]:
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
synthesizer [solina strings]:
organ [orgue]:
electric guitar [guitare électrique]:
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
talkbox [talk box]:
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
Rhodes piano [rhodes]:
analog synthesizer [Korg MS20]:
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
analog synthesizer [syrinx]:
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
Bob Stanley (track 13)
Pete Wiggs (track 13)
assistant mixer:
Jérôme Blondel (track 12)
assistant recording engineer:
Jérôme Kerner (Engineer) (track 12)
Neil Young (Canadian singer, songwriter & musician) (track 13)
Ian Catt (track 13)
guest bass:
Harvey Williams (track 13)
guest vocals:
Moira Lambert (track 13)
Neil Young (Canadian singer, songwriter & musician) (track 13)
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
Saint Etienne (track 13)
recording engineer:
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
solo Moog:
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
Moira Lambert (track 13)
Gillian Gilbert (track 9)
Nicolas Godin (track 12)
Deborah Harry (track 10)
Peter Hook (track 9)
Annie Lennox (track 4)
Stephen Morris (New Order) (track 9)
Chris Stein (track 10)
Dave Stewart (STEWART DAVID ALLAN (UK guitarist/singer for Eurythmics)) (track 4)
Bernard Sumner (track 9)
phonographic copyright by:
Creation Records Ltd. (1990) (track 13)
Heavenly (1990) (track 13)
BMG Monarch (track 10)
Chrysalis Music (music publisher - NOT for release labels) (track 10)
Delabel Éditions (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track 12)
Revolvair (track 12)
mixed at:
Studio Plus XXX (Closed in 2008, then bought by Talk Over) in Paris, Île-de-France, France (track 12)
recorded at:
has remixes:
part of:
cover recording of:
later parody versions:
later translated parody versions:
Corazón de vaso (track 10)
later translated versions:
Heart of Glass (Japanese version) (track 10)
recording of:
Heart of Glass (track 10)
Here to Stay (track 9)
Sexy Boy (track 12)
version of:
Once I Had a Love (track 10)