12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 The Good Life
A2 If I Love Again
A3 I Wanna Be Around
A4 I've Got Your Number
A5 Until I Met You
A6 Let's Face the Music and Dance
B1 Once Upon a Summertime
B2 If You Were Mine
B3 I Will Live My Life for You
B4 Someone to Love
B5 It Was Me
B6 Quiet Nights (Corcovado)


12" Vinyl 1

John Bunch (jazz pianist) (track A1)
Ralph Sharon (track A5)
Ralph Sharon (1962-10-19) (track A3)
Ralph Burns (track A3)
Marty Manning (track A3)
Eddie Barclay (track B1)
Freddie Green (tracks A5, A5)
Michel Legrand (track B1)
Matty Malneck (track B2)
Ben Oakland (track A2)
Johnny Mercer (tracks A3, A3)
Don Wolf (composer & lyricist) (tracks A5, A5)
Irving Berlin (1936) (track A6)
Sacha Distel (1962) (track A1)
Marty Manning (1962-10-19) (track A3)
Buddy Kaye (track B6)
Gene Lees (track B6)
Eddy Marnay (track B1)
Johnny Mercer (tracks A3, A3, B2)
Jack Murray (track A2)
Jack Reardon (track A1)
Sadie Vimmerstedt (tracks A3, A3)
Don Wolf (composer & lyricist) (tracks A5, A5)
Irving Berlin (1936) (track A6)
Johnny Mercer (track B1)
Tony Bennett (US jazz/standards vocalist) (track A5)
Tony Bennett (US jazz/standards vocalist) (1962-10-19) (track A3)
Gilbert Bécaud (track B5)
Cy Coleman (track A4)
Norman Gimbel (track B5)
Carolyn Leigh (track A4)
Maurice Vidalin (track B5)
EMI Longitude Music (tracks A5, A5)
MCA Music (not for release label use! this is a music publisher, ASCAP-affiliated) (track B1)
Patricia Editions Musical (SACEM-affiliated publisher) (track B1)
Prosadis (track A1)
Let's Face the Music (for brass band, Richards) (track A6)
cover recording of:
I Wanna Be Around (track A3)
If I Love Again (track A2)
If You Were Mine (from “To Beat the Band”) (track B2)
It Was Me (track B5)
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (version #3, lyrics credited to Buddy Kaye & Gene Lees) (track B6)
The Good Life (track A1)
Until I Met You (Corner Pocket) (track A5)
later translated versions:
part of:
Follow the Fleet (1936 film) (track A6)
recording of:
Until I Met You (Corner Pocket) (track A5)
I Wanna Be Around (1962-10-19) (track A3)
referred to in medleys:
Follow the Fleet Medley (Charlie Kunz) (track A6)
translated version of:
Corcovado (track B6)
La Valse des lilas (track B1)
version of:
Marina (track A1)