Track artists are, as far as I know, not specified on cover or sleeve. However, the same tracks have appeared on several other compilations, so I simply compared track titles and times, and changed to corresponding artists here. /Creap

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 The Murderer's Home
Jimpson and Group 0:53
2 No More, My Lord
Jimpson and Group 2:11
3 Old Alabama
B.B. and Group 3:05
4 Black Woman
B.B. and Group 3:00
5 Jumpin' Judy
Walter "Tangle Eye" Jackson 4:14
6 Whoa Buck
C.B. 3:55
7 Prettiest Train
Benny Will Richardson 3:46
8 Old Dollar Mamie
Benny Will Richardson 3:27
9 It Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad
Benny Will Richardson 2:42
10 Rosie
C.B. and Axe Gang 2:52
11 Levee Camp Holler (interview)
D.W. "Bama" Stuart 2:53
12 What Makes a Work Song Leader? (interview)
D.W. "Bama" Stuart 2:08
13 Early in the Mornin'
Benny Will Richardson, Little Red, Tangle Eye & Hard Hair 4:43
14 How I Got in the Penitentiary (interview)
D.W. "Bama" Stuart 1:27
15 Tangle Eye Blues
Walter "Tangle Eye" Jackson 3:09
16 Stackerlee
D.W. "Bama" Stuart 4:07
17 Prison Blues
Alex 2:23
18 Duckin' and Dodgin'
Hogman Maxey 3:40
19 My Baby Got to Go
John Henry Jackson 3:26
20 Penitentiary Blues
Otis Webster 2:26
21 Lonesome Blues
Guitar Welch 3:32
22 They'll Miss Me When I'm Gone
Jesse Butcher 3:00
23 Rock Me Mama
Hogman Maxey 3:35


CD 1

Alex (prison blues singer Clarence Alexander) (track 17)
Alan Lomax (track 1)
recording engineer:
Alan Lomax (track 1)
Alex (prison blues singer Clarence Alexander) (track 17)
sampled by:


recording engineer:Alan Lomax
ASIN:US: B000QQWXAS [info]
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