Kapriol’!’s first album came out on the ocassion of their third concert. This was at KEF in Denmark.
The Frisian band Kapriol’! (from the Netherlands) came spontaneously into life during folkdance evenings. The group’s musicians had already played on many festive stages.
Marita and Marian played for many years in the Esperanto-group Kajto, and now they form the duo Marianta, with flutes, accordeon, and song.
Ad and Ruger have acquired a great deal of experience in groups such as Blue Tape Band, 60/60 (Ad), Kalis and Sjock (Rutger).
All four of them form the new group Kapriol’! presenting a rich swinging program of songs and "balfolk" dance melodies that originate from the traditional Frisian repertory, or their own compositions.
Succinctly, they play traditional music with modern instruments, and their own compositions with old-time instruments.
This is all combined with songs in several voices and multicolored arrangements. And improvisation is also an important element.

Their "balfolk" repertory consists of traditional dances, Scottishes, polkas, walzes and mazurkas, and lively dances such as bourrées and andros and also round dances and jigs, where the partners continually change.

Kapriol' is :
Ad Bos : Cajon and other percussion instruments, keyboard, voice.
Rutger Dijkstra : Electric bass, guitar, violin, mandoline, voice.
Marita Kruijswijk: Flute, 'shawm, bagpipes, voice.
Marian Nesse : Accordion, voice.
Guest musician, Jantien Schaap : Violin.

Recordings : in 2008 and spring 2009 in the Trbandstudio, Friesland (the Netherlands)
Sound engineer : Ad Bos
Liner notes: Marita Kruijswijk and Ad Bos
Cover art: Marian Nesse and Ad Bos

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Sufleo Bureo ?:??
2 Dancu kaj Kantu ?:??
3 Logas la Aventur' ?:??
4 Ŝarĝujovalso ?:??
5 La Dolĉo de la Majo ?:??
6 Seljedanco ?:??
7 Soleco ?:??
8 Ŝancdanco ?:??
9 Kaŝtano bureo ?:??
10 Malbonnokte ?:??
11 Trendanco ?:??
12 Tosto ?:??
13 Arbardanco ?:??