Track 9-3 is correct as is - it should not be "blues".

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CD 1: Chip Chapman, Le Forte Four
CD 2: Le Forte Four, Airway
CD 3: Le Forte Four Live at the Brand, Live at Century City
CD 4: Doo-Dooettes Live at the Brand, Live Outside, Live Close radio
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Mojave
Doo-Dooettes 8:15
2 Silver Hours
Doo-Dooettes 5:35
3 (Twenty-Four)
Doo-Dooettes 5:37
4 Children Undressing Animals
Doo-Dooettes 15:01
5 Green
Fredrik Nilsen 6:39
6 Live Outside
Doo-Dooettes 23:18
7 Close
Doo-Dooettes & John Duncan 13:26
CD 5: Blorpe Esette, Smegma, Airway, C.V. Massage
CD 6: Doo-Dooettes Look to This
CD 7: Joe Potts, Doo-Dooettes, Solid Eye, Monitor, Dennis Duck, and Others
CD 8: Rick Potts Solo
CD 9: Tom Recchion Solo
CD 10: Gerold Bole, Doo-Dooettes, Monique et Aviv, Dinosaurs With Horns
CD 11: Bonus Disc: Rick Potts, BDR Ensemble, Joe Potts, Extended Organ


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