Black vinyl pressing. Limited to 400 copies.
Also released on white vinyl with the same catalog number: Lifeworks Volume 1.

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 A Quiet Day In Summer Erell Ranson 5:20
A2 Never See Us Matt Chester 5:02
B1 The Beginning In2minds 7:38
B2 K For Cars Reporter 5:00
C1 Sculptor Jacen Solo 6:18
C2 Obtained Arne Weinberg 4:39
D1 Sleeping Thoughts Common Factor 5:38
D2 Heat Mysteron 6:03
E1 Ground Wave A) VLF 5:43
E1 Spaceman ADJ 5:48
F1 Ubik's Cube Ben Browning 5:32
F2 Void Junkmale 6:01