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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Believe (SOT original mix)
Soldiers of Twilight 5:03
2 Finally (Dance Ritual mix)
Kings of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight 7:53
3 Sunshine After the Rain (main vocal)
MONDAY満ちる 8:42
4 Breaking Down (Louies King Steet Sound)
The Ananda Project 6:16
5 I Don't Understand It (original extended Mood II Swing mix)
Ultra Naté 6:58
6 Street Life (Sir Pier's full length main mix)
Jamie Lewis feat. Chance 7:31
7 Latin Lover
Stephanie Mills 7:07
8 Best of Me
SubSystem feat. Lisa Millet 6:24
9 I Will Follow (Jay-Moulton vocal mix)
Una Mas 5:30
10 Keep on Jumpin' (Tee's Freeze mix)
Todd Terry feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown 8:30


CD 1

Todd Terry (track 10)
Todd Terry (track 10)
Chance (vocal artist) (track 6)