12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Heart Full of Rain
Thee Sixpence 2:13
A2 Till I Met You
The Menaces 2:51
A3 Time and Time Again
The Barons 2:25
A4 I’m Gonna Leave You
Sanz, Inc. 2:06
A5 Nothing Is Wrong with Love
The Insites 2:35
A6 Get In On Life
Chosen Few From St. Michaels 2:15
A7 I Cried
The Jades 2:39
A8 Skid Row
The Long Island Sound 3:38
B1 Top-Less Girl
Barry & Life 2:32
B2 Feel the Pain
One of Hours 2:02
B3 Mojo Cools
Atilla and The Huns 2:32
B4 Lifetime
The Tidal Waves 2:32
B5 I’m Losing
The Briks 2:38
B6 Selfish Confusion
The Goodies Galore 2:52
B7 So Be It
Sons of Sound 2:13
B8 Tell Me What You See
Buddy's Buddies 2:00


Release Group

part of: Diggin’ for Gold (number: 10)