Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Something Happened on the Way to Heaven (Valentin mix)
Deborah Cox 4:11
2 Desert Rose (Melodic club mix radio edit)
Sting feat. Cheb Mami 4:45
3 Stranger in My House (Thunderpuss radio mix)
Tamia 3:56
4 When It Rains in Paris
Hasbrouck Heights feat. Fatima Rainey 5:38
5 Call on Me (radio edit)
Eric Prydz 3 2:49
6 Lola’s Theme (extended vocal mix)
Shape: UK 3:26
7 100% Pure Love (radio mix)
Crystal Waters 3:05
8 Optimistic
Nikkie D. 4:05
9 Gotta Get Thru This (D’n’D radio edit)
Daniel Bedingfield 2 2:43
10 Take Me to the Clouds Above
LMC vs. U2 3 2:50
11 I Begin to Wonder (radio edit)
Dannii Minogue 3:30
12 Move Ya Body
Nina Sky feat. Jabba 3.5 3:52
13 Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)
Lumidee 3:04
14 Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) (radio edit)
iiO 2 3:12
15 It Feels So Good (radio edit)
Sonique 3:59
16 Better Off Alone (radio edit)
Alice DeeJay 4.35 3:36
17 Kiss the Rain (TP2K remix)
Billie Myers 4:17
18 I Turn to You (Hex Hector radio mix)
Melanie C 4:11


Medium 1

additional membranophone programming:
Maurice Fulton (track 7)
Sean Spencer (Baltimore DJ aka DJ Spen) (track 7)
additional lyricist:
Cheb Mami (track 2)
Sebastiaan Molijn (track 16)
Sting (singer, songwriter & member of The Police) (track 2)
Daniel Bedingfield (track 9)
Eelke Kalberg (track 16)
Mac Quayle (track 2)
David Sussman (track 7)
guest vocals:
Jabba (UK reggae vocalist "Move Ya Body") (track 12)
Sebastiaan Molijn (track 16)
Karen Poole (track 6)
Sting (singer, songwriter & member of The Police) (track 2)
Daniel Bedingfield (track 9)
Eelke Kalberg (track 16)
Cheb Mami (track 2)
Jabba (UK reggae vocalist "Move Ya Body") (track 12)
D’n’D Productions (UK garage/2-step group) (track 9)
Daniel Bedingfield (track 9)
Victor Calderone (track 2)
D’n’D Productions (UK garage/2-step group) (track 9)
Hex Hector (track 18)
solo organ:
Gary Hudgins (track 7)
solo lead vocals:
Nina Sky (track 12)
Alice DeeJay (track 16)
Rachel McFarlane (track 10)
vocals arranger:
Kenny Hicks (track 7)
Natalie Albino (track 12)
Nicole Albino (track 12)
Nadia Ali (track 14)
Curtis Bedeau (track 12)
Simon Belofsky (track 15)
Lionel Bermingham (track 12)
Linus Burdick (track 15)
Gerard Charles (track 12)
Hugh Clarke (bass guitar player, member of Full Force) (track 12)
Thomas Davis (track 7)
Luis Diaz (AKA Cipha Sounds) (track 12)
Teddy Douglas (track 7)
Brian George (US funk/hip-hop musician aka B-Fine) (track 12)
Lucien George (track 12)
Paul George (American) (track 12)
Will Jennings (track 5)
Simon Marlin (track 6)
George Merrill (track 10)
Graeme Pleeth (track 15)
Karen Poole (track 6)
Eric Prydz (track 5)
Max Reich (track 6)
Shannon Rubicam (track 10)
Sonia Clarke (Sonia Clarke) (track 15)
Jay Steinhour (track 7)
U2 (Irish rock band) (track 10)
Crystal Waters (track 7)
Elijah Wells (track 12)
Steve Winwood (track 5)
phonographic copyright by:
Serious Records Limited (not for release label use!) (2000) (track 15)
Polydor Ltd. (UK) (not for release label use! aka Polydor Ltd. or Polydor Ltd. (London), fka Polydor Records Ltd.) (2002) (track 9)
Brightsail (track 6)
Nocturnal Groove (track 6)
Reverb Music Ltd. (track 9)
Spaced Hands Music (track 6)
Supreme Songs Ltd (track 6)
Universal Music Publishing France (not for release label use!) (track 6)
Universal Music Publishing Group Japan (work publisher - do NOT use as a release label) (track 6)
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group) (track 6)
WATANABE MUSIC PUBLISHING CO., LTD. (Japanese publisher, 1962–present) (track 6)
Éditer à Paris (track 6)
フジパシフィック音楽出版 (– 2014-12-31) (track 6)
フジパシフィックミュージック (2015-01-01 –) (track 6)
sampled by:
Valerie by Steve Winwood (track 5)
With or Without You by U2 (track 10)
is based on:
How Will I Know (track 10)
Valerie (track 5)
With or Without You (track 10)
is the basis for:
Does It Matter (track 16)
recording of:
100% Pure Love (track 7)
Better Off Alone (track 16)
Call on Me (track 5)
Desert Rose (track 2)
It Feels So Good (track 15)
Lola’s Theme (track 6)
Move Ya Body (track 12)
Rapture (track 14)