"This sequence of ritual music attempts to capture illumination as perceived in various parts of the world"

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Gloria In Excelsis (Venetian Area Plain Chant)
[Field Recording] 2:14
2 Jellaba Titara (Gnaoua De Ardenbi Binizi) (Marrakesh, Morocco)
Gnaoua de Abdenbi Binizi 7:48
3 Tzotzil Music Heralding All Saints' Day (Fireworks, Drums, Voices And Bells On The Night Of 31st October - San Pedro Chenalho, Mexico)
Tzotzil 6:02
4 Jilala Wedding Procession
Jilala 4:09
5 Sanctus (Scola Hungaria) (Old Roman Liturgical Chant)
Schola Hungarica 1:12
6 Credo (The Benedictines Monks Of The Abbey Of Santos Domingo De Silos, Spain) (Mozarabic Chant)
The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos 3:35
7 Tzotzil Celebration Music For The Christmas Night
Tzotzil 2:40
8 Darba Del Hameni (Jilala De Tanger)
Jilala 9:02
9 The Transfer Of Power (Tzotziles - Slow Chant Of Authority Changing Hands)
Tzotziles 2:34
10 In Principio (Extract From Easter Nocturnal Liturgy - Hugo Distler) (Genesis 1-10)
Hugo Distler 2:27
11 Long Tzotzil Litany Inhaled And Exhaled During An Ordinary Service
Tzotzil 2:27
12 Tibetan Music Evening Ritual
[Field Recording] 7:58
13 An Cuilin (Traditional Irish Air)
[Field Recording] 3:04
14 An Otro Gergezeg (Scealamhrain Cheilteacha - M. François Richard) (Pommerit-Jaudy, Bretagne)
M. François Richard 1:02