Cassette 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Stereotypes
3 3:13
A2 Country House
3.65 3:59
A3 Best Days
2 4:51
A4 Charmless Man
2.8 3:38
A5 Fade Away
3 4:21
A6 Top Man
2 4:02
A7 The Universal
3.15 4:01
B1 Mr. Robinsons' Quango
3 4:03
B2 He Thought of Cars
2 4:19
B3 It Could Be You
3 3:15
B4 Ernold Same
2 2:10
B5 Globe Alone
3 2:26
B6 Dan Abnormal
3 3:26
B7 Entertain Me
3 4:22
B8 Yuko and Hiro
2.5 5:24


Cassette 1

additional engineer:
Julia Gardner (track A2)
Tom Girling (track A2)
additional guest background vocals:
Teresa Jane Davis (track A7)
Angela Murrell (track A7)
additional guest vocals:
Cathy Gillat (track B8)
assistant engineer:
Julia Gardner (track B2)
Tom Girling (track B2)
Damon Albarn (tracks A1, A3–B8)
Graham Coxon (tracks A1, A3–B8)
Alex James (UK bassist for Blur/Fat Les) (tracks A1, A3–B8)
Dave Rowntree (tracks A1, A3–B8)
John Smith (UK producer/engineer) (tracks A2, A4, B2–B3)
guest spoken vocals:
Ken Livingstone (track B4)
Damon Albarn (tracks A1, A3–B8)
Stephen Street (tracks A1–A2, A4, A7, B2–B3)
Damon Albarn (track A2)
Graham Coxon (track A2)
Alex James (UK bassist for Blur/Fat Les) (track A2)
Dave Rowntree (track A2)
phonographic copyright by:
Food Records Ltd. (1995) (track B2)
Universal/MCA Music Ltd. (not for release label use!) (track A7)
music videos:
Country House by Blur (track A2)
recording of:
Best Days (track A3)
Charmless Man (track A4)
Country House (track A2)
Dan Abnormal (track B6)
Entertain Me (track B7)
Ernold Same (track B4)
Fade Away (track A5)
Globe Alone (track B5)
He Thought of Cars (track B2)
It Could Be You (track B3)
Stereotypes (track A1)
The Universal (track A7)
Top Man (track A6)
Yuko and Hiro (track B8)


acoustic guitar, banjo, electric guitar and saxophone: Graham Coxon
bass guitar: Alex James (UK bassist for Blur/Fat Les)
membranophone: Dave Rowntree
organ, piano and synthesizer: Damon Albarn
additional engineer: Julia Gardner
Tom Girling
background vocals: Graham Coxon
composer: Damon Albarn
Graham Coxon
Alex James (UK bassist for Blur/Fat Les)
Dave Rowntree
engineer: John Smith (UK producer/engineer)
guest violin: Louie Fuller (Folk Artist)
Rick Koster
guest cello: Ivan McCermoy
guest trumpet: Roddy Lorimer
guest viola: John Metcalfe (UK-based composer, arranger and violist)
guest saxophone: Simon Clarke (UK saxophonist)
Tim Sanders (UK saxophonist)
guest trombone: Neil Sidwell
lyricist: Damon Albarn
photography: Nels Israelson
Tom King (photography)
producer: Stephen Street
vocals: Damon Albarn
ASIN: UK: B000053MTO [info]
Discogs: [info]