12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 With a Little Help From My Friends 3 5:06
A2 Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood 4:43
A3 Bird on a Wire 4:32
A4 I Shall Be Released 4:38
A5 Just Like a Woman 5:19
A6 Do Right Woman 6:52
B1 Let It Be 5:05
B2 Something 3:36
B3 Where Am I Now 4:15
B4 Darling, Be Home Soon 4:45
B5 Do I Still Figure in Your Life 4:02
B6 I Can Stand a Little Rain 3:37


12" Vinyl 1

drums (drum set):
Barrie James Wilson (track A1)
bass guitar:
Chris Stainton (track A1)
Kenny Slade (track A2)
Barrie James Wilson (track A5)
Tommy Eyre (track A1)
Matthew Fisher (UK organist for Procol Harum/Prairie Madness) (track A5)
Henry McCullough (Northern Irish guitarist, vocalist and songwriter) (track A2)
Jimmy Page (tracks A1, A5)
Chris Stainton (tracks A2, A5)
Tommy Eyre (tracks A2, A5)
background vocals:
Madeline Bell (track A1)
Rosetta Hightower (track A1)
Sunny Weetman (track A1)
Pete Dello (track B5)
Leonard Cohen (track A3)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track B2)
John Sebastian (track B4)
Bob Dylan (1966-02 – 1966-03) (track A5)
Bob Dylan (1967) (track A4)
Leonard Cohen (track A3)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track B2)
John Sebastian (track B4)
Bob Dylan (1966-02 – 1966-03) (track A5)
Bob Dylan (1967) (track A4)
Tony Visconti (tracks A1–A2, A5)
Denny Cordell (tracks A1–A2, A5)
Bennie Benjamin (track A2)
Gloria Caldwell (track A2)
John Angelus (Singer, harmonica player, bassist) (track B3)
John Lennon (The Beatles) (tracks A1, B1)
Sol Marcus (track A2)
Paul McCartney (The Beatles) (tracks A1, B1)
Chris-n-Jen Music (track A2)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (track B2)
Harrisongs Ltd. (track B2)
M. Witmark & Sons (track A5)
Maclen Music Ltd. (track B1)
Northern Songs Ltd. (track B1)
Sony/ATV Music Publishing (tracks A3, B1)
Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (track B1)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (track A2)
Dwarf Music (1966 –) (track A5)
Dwarf Music (1967 –) (track A4)
Northern Songs Ltd. (1967) (track A1)
part of:
cover recording of:
Bird on the Wire (track A3)
I Shall Be Released (original lyrics) (track A4)
Just Like a Woman (track A5)
Let It Be (track B1)
Something (track B2)
later parody versions:
Little Bees (track B1)
Set Him Free (track B1)
With Little Help From My Friends (parody) (track A1)
later translated parody versions:
Les P’tites Bites (track B1)
later translated versions:
Aber wie (Let It Be) (track B1)
Algo (Lyrics start with "Algo en tu mirar yo vi") (track B2)
Algo (Lyrics start with "Algo va a pasar en mi") (track B2)
Comme une femme (track A5)
Fugl på en snor (track A3)
Jag ska bli fri (track A4)
Jeder braucht einen Freund (With a Little Help From My Friends) (track A1)
Let It Be (Japanese version) (track B1)
Manchmal (Something) (track B2)
Manchmal (Something) (track B2)
Nous serons libres (track A4)
Se jokin (track B2)
Warum I (track B1)
サムシング (track B2)
悲しき願い (track A2)
衝破萬重浪 (track A2)
later versions:
Brand New Day (track A4)
I Shall Be Released (1986 lyrics (only used in 1986 shows; 1987 and later, use the original version)) (track A4)
Misunderstood (track A2)
Vivre tout seul (track A3)
recording of:
Where Am I Now (track B3)
referred to in medleys:
4 Chords (Unicante 2013 version) (track B1)
The Beatles Concerto: 2nd Movement: Andante espressivo (Here, There and Everywhere / Something) (track B2)
All Together Now (medley) (track A1)
The Music of The Beatles (tracks B2, B2)