This is a picture I took of myself when I was like 19 and very stoned. I included it with this song because it sounds like something I would have recorded back then. It's kind of a throw-away tune. I was playing around earlier tonight recording drums and something happened and my Motu Ultralite audio interface fell on the ground and died. I was in tears. Then, thanks to Mr. Kranky, I went and bought a new one. When I got it home I decided to finish the song I was recording drums for without using any effects or delay or anything and just use microphones plugged straight into the new Ultralite. Lately I have been recording guitars direct and running them through Amp simulators and stuff but this song is just the sound of drums and amps and my room. I wouldn't really do anything with it, but I thought I'd let you guys here it.

Christian Names

keep my name close at hand
my christian name
keeps me safe it keeps me crowned
once a year i leave my room
and go downtown
to see what i'm missing
once a year i go downtown
i'm not missing much

my christian name keeps me safe
it keeps me guessing
what comes next what comes next
the past is boring
but i don't expect much else
the past is boring
but i expect the present tense
it keeps me sane

we know what your thinking now
what does it mean
to not move and move around
what does it mean
to not think and make no sounds
to not speak
and what it means to keep your ground
steady beneath your feet

the ground is steady beneath my feet
i know i know

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