FACT XXV on spine and back cover
FACT 25 on disc label

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Atrocity Exhibition
4.35 6:05
A2 Isolation
4 2:53
A3 Passover
4 4:46
A4 Colony
4 3:55
A5 A Means to an End
5 4:06
B1 Heart and Soul
5 5:51
B2 Twenty Four Hours
5 4:26
B3 The Eternal
4.5 6:07
B4 Decades
4.5 6:10


12" Vinyl 1

Ian Curtis (track B1)
Peter Hook (track A1)
Bernard Sumner (track A1)
lead vocals:
Ian Curtis (tracks A1–B4)
Martin Hannett (tracks A1–B4)
Ian Curtis (tracks A1–B4)
Peter Hook (tracks A1–B4)
Stephen Morris (New Order) (tracks A1–B4)
Bernard Sumner (tracks A1–B4)
Universal Music Publishing Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Universal Music Publishing Group) (track B3)
sampled by:
Пепел by Flëur (track B1)
later translated versions:
Isolation (Tobias Bamborschke translation) (track A2)
recording of:
A Means to an End (track A5)
Atrocity Exhibition (track A1)
Colony (track A4)
Decades (track B4)
Heart and Soul (track B1)
Isolation (track A2)
Passover (track A3)
The Eternal (track B3)
Twenty Four Hours (track B2)


membranophone: Stephen Morris (New Order)
bass: Peter Hook
guitar family and synthesizer: Bernard Sumner
assistant engineer: Michael Johnson (recording engineer and producer)
engineer: Jon Caffery (producer and engineer)
Martin Hannett
photography: Bernard Pierre Wolff
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