12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 The Fusion
Jason Havelock 2:41
A2 Caravan
Puccio Roelens 3:25
A3 Drama Backcloth
Alan Tew 1:38
A4 Warlock
Reg Tilsley 3:16
A5 Is That the Way
The Message 4:10
A6 The Prowler
Brian Bennett 2:07
A7 Gooseberry Fool
Kelly's Eye 1:48
B1 Slow Soul
The Travellers 4:00
B2 Electric Blue
Danny Edwardson 3:01
B3 Light 6
Herbie Flowers 2:34
B4 Sally
Orchester Frank Pleyer 3:24
B5 Penguin
Okay Temiz 3:51
B6 New Religion
Trifle 3:53
B7 Oriental Vibrato
Raymond Guiot 0:31


Release Group

part of: Dusty Fingers (number: 12)