Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Ouragan
Stéphanie 3:40
A2 When the Going Gets Tough
Billy Ocean 4:02
A3 Les bétises
Sabine Paturel 3:00
A4 Adesso Tu
Eros Ramazzotti 3:59
A5 Marinero
Los Marineros 3:42
A6 I Like You
Phyllis Nelson 3:29
A7 Party Tonight
Gibson Brothers 3:50
A8 War in Love
Panorama 3:55
B1 Tropique
Muriel Dacq 3:32
B2 Quelques notes de musique
Gilbert Montagné 3:57
B3 Jane
Century 4:26
B4 Peter and the Wolf
Peter and the Wolf 3:36
B5 If You're Ready
Ruby Turner 3:49
B6 Baby Love
Regina 4:04
B7 Venture in My Heart
Marco Martina 4:06
B8 Pleure pas
Éva Rasmussen 3:40


Cassette 1

Piero Cassano (track A4)
Dario Farina (track B2)
Axel de Kirianov (track B1)
Gilbert Montagné (track B2)
Romano Musumarra (track A1)
Phyllis Nelson (track A6)
Eros Ramazzotti (track A4)
Didier Barbelivien (track B2)
Adelio Cogliati (track A4)
Muriel Desclée (track B1)
Sylvain Lebel (track A3)
Marie Léonor (track A1)
Phyllis Nelson (track A6)
Eros Ramazzotti (track A4)
Wayne Brathwaite (track A2)
Stephen Bray (track B6)
Barry Eastmond (track A2)
Paul Ives (track B3)
Marty Kessler (track B6)
John Milford (track B3)
Billy Ocean (track A2)
Regina (Dance music vocalist Regina Richards) (track B6)
later translated versions:
Irresistible (track A1)
recording of:
Adesso tu (track A4)
Baby Love (track B6)
I Like You (track A6)
Jane (Century song) (track B3)
Les Bêtises (track A3)
Ouragan (track A1)
Tropique (track B1)
referred to in medleys: