12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Harold in Italy, op. 16: I. Harold in the Mountains Hector Berlioz 16:20
A2 Harold in Italy, op. 16: II. March of the Pilgrims Singing the Evening Hymn Hector Berlioz 9:05
B1 Harold in Italy, op. 16: III. Serenade of a Mountaineer of the Abruzzi to His Sweetheart Hector Berlioz 6:30
B2 Harold in Italy, op. 16: IV. Orgy of the Brigands Hector Berlioz 12:18


12" Vinyl 1

Yehudi Menuhin (violinist) (1962-10) (tracks A1–B2)
Hector Berlioz (composer) (1834) (tracks A1–B2)
Colin Davis (English conductor) (1962-10) (tracks A1–B2)
Philharmonia Orchestra (London orchestra, known as New Philharmonia Orchestra from 1964-1976) (1962-10) (tracks A1–B2)
recorded at:
Kingsway Hall in London, England, United Kingdom (1962-10) (tracks A1–B2)
Marche des pèlerins chantant la prière du soir, S. 473/1 (for solo piano, Liszt - early version) (track A2)
part of:
Harold en Italie, op. 16 (Symphonie en 4 parties avec un alto principal) (tracks A1–B2)
recording of: