Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 An Ghaoth O'n Ghrian (The Solar Wind) Enya 2:04
A2 Scene Two [no artist] ?:??
A3 My Other Body General Strike 3:40
A4 Clockface [no artist] ?:??
A5 Journey Frank Ricotti 3:40
A6 Swastika Bells [no artist] 0:28
A7 Trans-Astrakhan (Seeing the World) 1000 Mexicans 6:30
A8 Bodytalk [no artist] ?:??
A9 Old Silk Route - Pig Slaughter [no artist] 2:04
A10 Bam / Tsifteteli 3 Mustaphas 3 3:49
A11 Interview With Sergio Avila / Demonstrating the Zampona Quimantú 2:05
A12 Yanomamô Shamanism [unknown] 2:38
A13 Köln Peals [no artist] ?:??
A14 Old Silk Route - Mule Bells [no artist] 0:45
A15 Miss Clare Remembers Enya 2.5 2:02
B1 Notes From the Underground 33 2:36
B2 But Does Winston Own a Straw Hat, Part 2 Andrew Poppy 3:37
B3 Scratch [no artist] ?:??
B4 Snowdrops General Strike 3:40
B5 Despedida De Salta Quimantú 3:59
B6 Trance Formations Percussion Research Ensemble 4:24
B7 Creatures Loves Sun Piedro Insipiedo 2:29
B8 Corrugated Rain [no artist] ?:??
B9 Fires in Peliatan Cremation Gamelan 2:12
B10 Tribal Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart 6:06
B11 Mind the Gap [no artist] ?:??


Cassette 1

Enya (tracks A15, A15)
Nicky Ryan (tracks A15, A15)
Ross Cullum (track A15)
Enya (track A15)
Enya (track A15)
Ross Cullum (track A15)
Nicky Ryan (track A15)
Enya (track A15)
Ross Cullum (track A15)
Nicky Ryan (track A15)
phonographic copyright by:
Warner Music UK Ltd. (not for release label use!) (1988 –) (track A15)
Aigle Music (track A15)
EMI Songs Ltd. (track A15)
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Miss Clare Remembers (track A15)