Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)
Céline Dion 4:36
2 Unchained Melody (Ghost)
The Righteous Brothers 3:33
3 Take My Breath Away (Top Gun)
Berlin 4:08
4 I Will Always Love You (O Guarda Costa)
Whitney Houston 4:30
5 Every Thing I Do It for You (Robin Hood)
Bryan Adams 6:32
6 All for Love (Os 3 Mosqueteiros)
Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting 4:40
7 Amor Sem Fim
Diana Ross & Lionel Richie 4:24
8 Up Where We Belong (A Força Do Destino)
Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes 3 3:46
9 The Glory of Love (Karatê Kid)
Peter Cetera 4:18
10 Love Is All Around (4 Casamentos E Um Funeral)
Wet Wet Wet 3.65 3:58
11 Just Called to Say I Love You (A Dama De Vermelho)
Stevie Wonder 4:20
12 The Lady in Red (A Dama De Vermelho)
Chris de Burgh 4:10
13 Blaze of Glory (Jovens Demais Para Morrer)
Bon Jovi 5:41
14 She's Like the Wind (Dança Quente)
Patrick Swayze 3:51
15 How Deep is Your Love (Os Embalos de Sábado à Noite)
Bee Gees 3:57
16 Against All Odds (Paixão Violenta)
Phil Collins 4.25 3:23
17 What a Wonderful World (Bom Dia Vietnã)
Louis Armstrong 2:16


Medium 1

drums (drum set):
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track 16)
strings arranger:
Fiachra Trench (track 10)
Louie Shelton (track 8)
Paulinho da Costa (track 8)
Robbie Buchanan (track 8)
Bobby Lyle (track 8)
Rob Mounsey (track 16)
Graeme Duffin (track 10)
James Horner (track 1)
Giorgio Moroder (track 3)
Jack Nitzsche (track 8)
Reg Presley (track 10)
Buffy Sainte-Marie (track 8)
Jon Bon Jovi (track 13)
Chris de Burgh (track 12)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track 16)
Dolly Parton (track 4)
Stevie Wonder (track 11)
Arif Mardin (track 16)
Fiachra Trench (track 10)
lead vocals:
Joe Cocker (track 8)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track 16)
Jennifer Warnes (track 8)
Reg Presley (track 10)
Jon Bon Jovi (track 13)
Chris de Burgh (track 12)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track 16)
Will Jennings (tracks 1, 8)
Dolly Parton (track 4)
Tom Whitlock (track 3)
Stevie Wonder (track 11)
Stewart Levine (track 8)
Arif Mardin (track 16)
Bryan Adams (tracks 5–6)
Barry Gibb (track 15)
Maurice Gibb (track 15)
Robin Gibb (track 15)
Michael Kamen (tracks 5–6)
Bob Thiele (track 17)
George David Weiss (track 17)
Patrick Swayze (1984) (track 14)
Stacy Widelitz (1984) (track 14)
phonographic copyright by:
Phonogram Ltd. (London) (company name, NOT a label!) (1994) (track 10)
Abilene Music Inc. (track 17)
Crompton Songs (track 15)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (track 1)
Famous Music (renamed since 2007-05 as Sony/ATV Harmony/Melody) (track 3)
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Quartet Music (track 17)
Sony/ATV Harmony (track 3)
TCF Music Publishing, Inc. (Twentieth Century Fox Music Publishing, Inc.; ASCAP) (track 1)
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Very Tony Music (track 14)
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ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (track 3)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (2017-04-01 –) (track 15)
My Heart Will Go On (arr. Adrian Williams for small orchestra) (track 1)
cover recording of:
Love Is All Around (track 10)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
Free Delivery (track 1)
later translated parody versions:
I sauf ollahaund (track 10)
Titanic (track 1)
later translated versions:
Die Liebe ist da (track 15)
Il mio cuore va (Italian translation of 'My Heart Will Go On') (track 1)
L'Amore sei tu (track 4)
Le Bleu des regrets (Take my Breath Away) (track 3)
Toglimi il respiro (Take My Breath Away) (track 3)
戸惑いの朝 (track 15)
最深刻的記憶 (track 16)
死んでもいい (track 3)
激情 (track 3)
recording of:
All for Love (track 6)
Blaze of Glory (track 13)
How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees song) (track 15)
Take My Breath Away (song from the 1986 film Top Gun) (track 3)
The Lady in Red (track 12)
Up Where We Belong (track 8)
referred to in medleys: