Lifes Rich Pageant (disc: monochrome with JVC-522)

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Begin the Begin 3.8 3:29
2 These Days 4 3:25
3 Fall on Me 4.45 2:51
4 Cuyahoga 4 4:21
5 Hyena 3.75 2:51
6 Underneath the Bunker 3.5 1:28
7 The Flowers of Guatemala 4 3:57
8 I Believe 4.5 3:50
9 What If We Give It Away? 3.8 3:35
10 Just a Touch 4.2 3:01
11 Swan Swan H 3.8 2:50
12 Superman 4.2 2:53


CD 1

drums (drum set):
Bill Berry (R.E.M. drummer) (tracks 1–12)
bass guitar:
Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player) (tracks 1–12)
Peter Buck (R.E.M. guitarist) (tracks 1–12)
background vocals:
Michael Stipe (track 12)
lead vocals:
Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player) (tracks 3, 12)
Michael Stipe (tracks 1–11)
Don Gehman (tracks 1–12)
Bill Berry (R.E.M. drummer) (tracks 1–11)
Mitchell Bottler (track 12)
Peter Buck (R.E.M. guitarist) (tracks 1–11)
Gary Zekley (track 12)
Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player) (tracks 1–11)
Michael Stipe (tracks 1–11)
Night Garden Music (tracks 1–11)
Teeny Bopper Music (track 12)
mixed at:
recorded at:
Belmont Mall (John Mellencamp's private studio) in Bloomington, Indiana, United States (tracks 1–12)
Giving It Away @ 17 by dj BC (track 9)
cover recording of:
Superman (track 12)
recording of:
Begin the Begin (track 1)
Cuyahoga (track 4)
Fall on Me (track 3)
Hyena (track 5)
I Believe (track 8)
Just a Touch (track 10)
Swan Swan H (track 11)
These Days (track 2)


photography:S.L. Phipps (Photographer)
assistant mixer:Jim Dineen
Stan Katayama
mixer and recording engineer:Greg Edward
Don Gehman
graphic design:R.O. Scarselli (Graphic Artist)
additional recording engineer:Ross Hogarth
assistant recording engineer:Rick Fettig
mastering:Bob Ludwig (mastering engineer)
banjo:Peter Buck (R.E.M. guitarist)
piano and reed organ [pump organ]:Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player)
background vocals:Bill Berry (R.E.M. drummer)
Mike Mills (R.E.M. bass player)
vocals:Michael Stipe
illustration:M. Bird (Illustrator)
Juanita Rogers
B. Slay
additionally recorded at:Image Recorders in Los Angeles, California, United States
mastered at:Masterdisk in New York, New York, United States
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