Sony MZ-NH900 portable minidisc recorder (in Hi-SP mode) with binaural cardoid microphones > digital transfer to PC > edited and volume-adjusted in Cool Edit Pro

Benefit show for National Advocates for Pregnant Women and Jackson Women's Health Organization.

Performer order for the show:
1. Yo La Tengo
2. Lois
3. Fruit Boots (Matt Hall and Patrick Borelli, a New York City rollerblading duo)
4. A Matter of Trust (Todd Barry on drums, Jon Glaser on bass, Tom Shilue on backup vocals, James McNew on guitar, Jon Benjamin on lead vocals)

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Medium 1
# Title Rating Length
1 I Am Lucky in a Way
2 Moonlight
3 Charles Atlas
4 So Beautiful
5 Rougher
6 The Way I Feel Inside
7 Ghost
8 The Times I Waited for You
9 Motorcycle Boy