This release liner has notation "LC 7225", which is not the label code MusicBrainz presently stores for the PILZ label.

The Release Title is based on the text of the cover of the jewel case. The text on the CD seems to indicate a different title. It reads,
J. Haydn / F. Danzi / A. Reicha
Bläserquintett San Antoni und andere Bläserquintette
Wind-Player Quintet San Antoni and Other Wind-Player Quintets

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Divertimento Nr. 1 B-Dur: Allegro con spirito Joseph Haydn 3:43
2 Divertimento Nr. 1 B-Dur: Chorale St. Antoni Joseph Haydn 2:43
3 Divertimento Nr. 1 B-Dur: Minuetto Joseph Haydn 2:07
4 Divertimento Nr. 1 B-Dur: Rondo: Allegretto Joseph Haydn 1:57
5 Bläserquintett Es-Dur op. 88,2: Lento - Allegro moderato Antoine Reicha 5:27
6 Bläserquintett Es-Dur op. 88,2: Scherzo: Allegro Antoine Reicha 2:44
7 Bläserquintett Es-Dur op. 88,2: Andante grazioso Antoine Reicha 3:14
8 Bläserquintett Es-Dur op. 88,2: Finale: Allegro molto Antoine Reicha 2:48
9 Bläserquintett B-Dur op. 56,1: Allegretto Franz Danzi 5:24
10 Bläserquintett B-Dur op. 56,1: Andante con moto Franz Danzi 3:39
11 Bläserquintett B-Dur op. 56,1: Menuetto: Allegretto Franz Danzi 2:10
12 Bläserquintett B-Dur op. 56,1: Allegro Franz Danzi 2:26
13 Quintetto concertante F-Dur: Allegro Johann Georg Lickl 6:00
14 Quintetto concertante F-Dur: Menuetto Johann Georg Lickl 4:26
15 Quintetto concertante F-Dur: Adagio Johann Georg Lickl 6:15
16 Quintetto concertante F-Dur: Polacca Johann Georg Lickl 3:55


CD 1

wind instruments:
Stuttgarter Bläserquintett (tracks 1–12)
wind instruments [wind quintet]:
Stuttgarter Bläserquintett (tracks 5–12)
Franz Danzi (tracks 9–12)
Joseph Haydn (composer) (tracks 1–4)
Johann Georg Lickl (Hungarian composer, 18-19c) (tracks 13–16)
Antoine Reicha (composer, also known as Anton Reicha, Antonín Reicha) (tracks 5–8)
Stuttgarter Bläserquintett (tracks 13–16)
Musici di San Marco (an Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (tracks 1–4)
part of:
Quintetto concertante F-Dur (tracks 13–16)
recording of:


part of:Vienna Master Series (PILZ)