Corrections in tracklisting:

Track 1.09 listed as "Freedom (French Vibes Mix)".
Track 1.10 listed as "Schoneberg (Marmion Remix"
Track 1.11 listed as "Age Of Love (Stella Club Mix)".
Track 1.12 listed as "Joanna (V2 Remix)"
Track 1.14 listed as "Just Can't Get Enough (Goodfellas)"
Track 2.01 listed as "Back To My Roots (Vocal Remix)". Artist listed as "Rich In Paradise".
Track 2.06 listed as "Bells Of New York"
Track 2.07 listed as "Got To Have (Original Mix)". Artist listed as "Party Pumpers" (which is the title of the EP from which the track was taken)
Track 2.08 listed as "Whos The Badman? (House Mix)"
Track 2.09 listed as "Don't Stop (Hammondia Mix)". Artist listed as "Z 100 Tester".
Track 2.12 listed as "Closer To Our Dreams (Original Mix)"
Track 3.01: Artist listed only as "True Faith" on the back cover, but in the inlay, the artist is given correctly as "True Faith / Final Cut".
Tracks 3.04 and 3.07 were switched in the tracklisting.
Track 3.05 listed as "Land Of Rhythm (House Mix)"
Track 3.07 listed as "Don't Leave (Original Mix)"
Track 3.10 listed as "Smokebelch (Dave Holmes Mix)"
Track 3.11 listed as "Montana (Original Mix)"
Track 3.12 listed as "Yeke Yeke (Original Mix)"
Track 3.13 listed as "Is Anybody Out There? (Techno Mix)"

All tracks without mix titles are identified as "Original Mix" on the tracklisting even where the original track never carried this identification. Detailed remix credits are not given

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CD 1: Tony De Vit
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Pacific Symphony (original mix)
Transformer 2 4:48
2 Rave Generator (original mix)
Toxic Two 4:22
3 Play This House (Hardhouse mix)
BB Club 3:18
4 Latin Thing (Latin Intruder mix)
Latin Thing 4:00
5 Indica (original mix)
Movin' Melodies 3:30
6 Around the World (Tall Paul remix)
East 17 5:40
7 Bits & Pieces (Tin Tin Out mix)
Artemisia 5:00
8 Tribal Church (original mix)
Joe Inferno 2:40
9 French Vibes
U-people 4:49
10 Schoneberg (Marmion remix)
Marmion 6:26
11 Age of Love (Watch Out for Stella club mix)
Age of Love 5:08
12 Joanna (Tony de Vit V2 remix)
Mrs. Wood 8:32
13 Bits & Pieces (original mix)
Artemisia 3:20
14 Just Can't Get Enough (Goodfellos remix)
Transformer 2 6:43
15 French Vibes
U-people 4:56
CD 2: Graham Gold
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Back to My Roots (vocal remix)
FPI Project 5:12
2 I Know (original mix)
New Atlantic 3:50
3 Crayzy Man (original mix)
Blast 5:54
4 Asuca (Tribal mix)
Raw 4:16
5 Crystal Clear (trance mix)
The Grid 7:05
6 Bells of N.Y. (House 2 House mix)
Slo Moshun 6:45
7 Got to Have U (original mix)
Paul Rayner 6:20
8 Whos the Badman? (Sound System mix)
Dee Patten 4:03
9 Testa Don't Stop (Hammondia mix)
Z100 3:07
10 Tall & Handsome (Dex & Jonesey remix)
Outrage 4:54
11 This Love (Red Jerry mix)
Red Sun 6:56
12 Closer to All Your Dreams (original mix)
Rhythm Quest 2:22
13 Neuro (X-Cabs remix)
X-Cabs 6:33
CD 3: Sister Bliss
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Take Me Away (Pinned Up mix)
True Faith / Final Cut 5:26
2 Jus Come (original mix)
Cool Jack 3:12
3 Let's Groove (House mix)
Morel's Grooves 4:50
4 Badman (Badman Epic mix)
Sister Bliss 7:22
5 For the Music
Marascia 2:53
6 Energy Flash (original mix)
Joey Beltram 2:35
7 Don't Leave (Big mix)
Faithless 5:15
8 Papua New Guinea (original mix)
Future Sound of London 3:55
9 Lionrock (original mix)
Lionrock 5:00
10 Smokebelch (Dave Holmes mix)
The Sabres of Paradise 7:00
11 Montana (Let Yourself Go)
Way Out West 5:28
12 Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor remix)
Mory Kanté 5:02
13 Out There (Technomix)
Friends of Matthew 5:13


CD 1: Tony De Vit

Mijk van Dijk (track 10)
Marcos López (track 10)
Patrick Prins (tracks 7, 13)
Bruno Sanchioni (Italo-Belgian producer) (track 11)
Giuseppe Chierchia (track 11)
Giuseppe Chierchia (track 11)
recording of:
Bits + Pieces (tracks 7, 13)
Schöneberg (track 10)
The Age of Love (track 11)

CD 3: Sister Bliss

Joey Beltram (track 6)
Garry Cobain (track 8)
Brian Dougans (track 8)
Mory Kanté (track 12)
Mory Kanté (track 12)
Rollo Armstrong (track 7)
Lamont Booker (track 10)
Gary Burns (track 10)
Jamie Catto (track 7)
Jagz Kooner (track 10)
Sister Bliss (track 7)
Andrew Weatherall (track 10)
is the basis for:
Papsico (track 8)
The Lovers (track 8)
Wooden Ships (track 8)
later translated versions:
地球大追蹤 (track 12)
recording of:
Don't Leave (track 7)
Energy Flash (track 6)
Papua New Guinea (track 8)
Smokebelch II (track 10)
Yé Ké Yé Ké (track 12)


DJ-mixer medium 1:Tony De Vit
DJ-mixer medium 2:Graham Gold
DJ-mixer medium 3:Sister Bliss
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