To call a Lisa Germano album delicate is akin to describing water as wet. Germano's songs are so intimate, both lyrically and sonically, that they can sometimes induce vertigo, especially when administered through headphones. No Elephants, her ninth studio outing, doubles down on that notion, offering up another dreamlike set of gossamer ballads that are made all the more impressionistic by a bevy of ambient samples (bees, cell phones), drum loops, and other assorted audio emissions, resulting in the listener having to come up with his/her own impressionistic assessments like "post-rain, pre-dawn bird feeder jams" or "this must be what the inside of a dollhouse sounds like."

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Ruminants 3:19
2 No Elephants 4:24
3 Apathy and the Devil 2:37
4 Back to Earth 1:38
5 Haunted 2:50
6 A Feast 3:23
7 Up in the Air 2:43
8 Dance of the Bees 2:05
9 Diamonds 3:38
10 ... And So On 2:30
11 Last Straws for Sale 3:21
12 Strange Bird 2:38


CD 1

membranophone programming:
Jamie Candiloro (tracks 1–9, 11–12)
bass [acoustic bass]:
Sebastian Steinberg (tracks 1–12)
drum machine programming:
Jamie Candiloro (track 10)
Jamie Candiloro (tracks 1–12)
Jamie Candiloro (tracks 1–12)
recording engineer:
Jamie Candiloro (tracks 1–12)
Lisa Germano (tracks 1–12)
recorded at:
Banana Chicken Studios (tracks 1–12)
recording of:
... And So On (track 10)
A Feast (track 6)
Back to Earth (track 4)
Dance of the Bees (track 8)
Diamonds (track 9)
Haunted (track 5)
No Elephants (track 2)
Ruminants (track 1)
Strange Bird (track 12)
Up in the Air (track 7)