Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Just Want to Be There in Time
Second Baptist Church Trio 2:58
2 He'll Fix It All
Second Baptist Church Trio 3:03
3 The Second Zion Four Are We
The Second Zion Four 3:13
4 On Flowery Beds of Ease
The Second Zion Four 2:55
5 Praise Him Shining Angels
The Second Zion Four 3:02
6 Trust in God
The Second Zion Four 3:02
7 There Was No Room at the Hotel
Lucy Smith Jubilee Singers 2:47
8 Seeking for Me
Lucy Smith Jubilee Singers 2:34
9 De' Bones Gwine Rise Again
The Southern Plantation Singers 2:48
10 My Lord Delivered Daniel
The Southern Plantation Singers 2:49
11 Get on Board Little Children
The Southern Plantation Singers 2:55
12 Throw Out the Lifeline
The Southern Plantation Singers 3:00
13 I'm Troubled in Mind
Southern University Quartet 2:42
14 Let the Church Roll On
Southern University Quartet 2:27
15 Reign Massa Jesus, Reign
Wesley Female Quartet 2:34
16 Everytime I Feel De Spirit
Wesley Trio 2:41
17 I'm So Glad Trouble Don't Last Always
West Virginia Collegiate Singers 2:51
18 Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
West Virginia Collegiate Singers 2:43
19 Walk to Jerusalem Just Like John
West Virginia Collegiate Singers 2:23
20 Shout All Over God's Heav'n
West Virginia Collegiate Singers 2:36
21 Peter on the Sea
West Virginia Collegiate Singers 1:55
22 Oh! Mary Don't You Weep
West Virginia Collegiate Singers 2:29