CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Bring It Back 2 Luv
The Project feat. Gerideau 6:07
2 Push the Feeling On (The MK dub of Doom)
Nightcrawlers 6:36
3 If You Really Love Someone (Murk Strikes Again mix)
Liberty City 6:04
4 You Got Me Burning
Booker-Camacho Project 6:34
5 It's Our Turn (DJ Duke's Funk Train mix)
Project 4007 7:47
6 Is It All Over My Face
Dajaé 5:30
7 I'll Make You Happy Baby
Elé Ferrer 6:01
8 Hot Little Body (Erotic vocal mix)
misbehavin' feat. Joi Cardwell 6:31
9 Get Your Hands Off My Man (Sound Factory mix)
Junior Vasquez 6:43
10 Inside Out (E-Smoove's Funk Revival)
Shay Jones 4:41
11 Danger (Underground vocal mix)
Rochelle Fleming 7:01
12 Work That Body (Hysteria dub)
Chanelle 6:45


CD 1

Hugh Brankin (track 2)
Ross Campbell (Scottish techno producer) (track 2)
John Robinson Reid (producer, DJ, songwriter and vocalist, born 1963) (track 2)
Graham Wilson (Scottish techno producer, member of Nightcrawlers) (track 2)
Dajaé (track 6)
K. Fingers (track 6)
Hula (producer Lamar Hula Mahone) (track 6)
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ASIN: UK: B000001MGP [info]