Misprint of the duration (4:50) of "A Man Could Get Arrested" on vinyl label.
Back cover is printed upside down.

Another release with the same catalog number exist, but the front artwork is different.

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A West End Girls (dance mix) 6:31
B1 A Man Could Get Arrested 4:11
B2 West End Girls 3:56


12" Vinyl 1

Chris Lowe (1/2 of Pet Shop Boys) (tracks A–B2)
Neil Tennant (tracks A–B2)
10 Music Ltd. (tracks A, B2)
Cage Music Ltd. (track B1)
Edition Meridian (tracks A, B2)
CBS, Inc. (US broadcasting company; file no releases here!) (1984 –) (tracks A, B2)
Cage Music Ltd. (1984 –) (tracks A, B2)
recording of:
West End Girls (tracks A, B2)