There are only two Frances the Mute entries. One with five tracks, and one with 12 with the last 8 labeled as Cassandra Gemini I, Cassandra Gemini II, etc. ("Cassandra Gemini" is misspelled on the CD as "Cassandra Geminni". See the official spelling on the TMV site: The movements listed for Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore (A. Vade Mecum, B. Pour Another Icepick, etc.) and Cassandra Gemini (A. Tarantism, B. Plant a Nail in the Navel Stream, etc.) do not correlate with the actual tracks on the CD. The only reason for the song Cassandra Gemini being split like this is because if they did not, this album would technically be considered an EP.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus 4.45 13:02
2 The Widow 4 5:51
3 L’Via L’Viaquez 4.7 12:22
4 Miranda That Ghost Just Isn’t Holy Anymore 4 13:10
5 Cassandra Gemini I 4.25 4:46
6 Cassandra Gemini II 4.25 6:40
7 Cassandra Gemini III 4.25 2:56
8 Cassandra Gemini IV 4.25 7:41
9 Cassandra Gemini V 4 5:00
10 Cassandra Gemini VI 4 3:48
11 Cassandra Gemini VII 4.25 0:47
12 Cassandra Gemini VIII 4.25 0:54


CD 1

engineered in:
Burbank, California, United States (tracks 1–12)
Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia (tracks 1–12)
New York, New York, United States (tracks 1–12)
San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States (tracks 1–12)
Van Nuys, California, United States (tracks 1–12)
electric bass guitar:
Juan Alderete de la Peña (American bassist) (tracks 1–12)
drums (drum set):
Jon Theodore (tracks 1–12)
strings arranger:
David Campbell (US based Canadian violinist, composer, conductor and arranger) (tracks 1–4)
Omar Rodriguez‐Lopez (tracks 1–12)
Omar Rodriguez‐Lopez (tracks 1–12)
Marcel Rodriguez‐Lopez (tracks 1–12)
Isaiah “Ikey” Owens (tracks 1–12)
Marcel Rodriguez‐Lopez (tracks 1–12)
horn and strings arranger:
David Campbell (US based Canadian violinist, composer, conductor and arranger) (tracks 5–12)
horn arranger:
David Campbell (US based Canadian violinist, composer, conductor and arranger) (tracks 1–4)
sampler [field recordings]:
Omar Rodriguez‐Lopez (tracks 1–12)
additional guest percussion:
Lenny Castro (tracks 1–12)
assistant engineer:
Claudius Mittendorfer (tracks 1–12)
Paul Pilsneniks (tracks 1–12)
Omar Rodriguez‐Lopez (tracks 1–12)
David Campbell (US based Canadian violinist, composer, conductor and arranger) (tracks 1–12)
Omar Rodriguez‐Lopez (tracks 1–12)
Jon Debaun (tracks 1–12)
Andrew Scheps (tracks 1–12)
David Schiffman (American producer/audio engineer) (tracks 1–12)
guest trumpet:
Flea (US bassist) (tracks 2, 4)
guest flute and tenor saxophone:
Adrian Terrazas (tracks 5–12)
guest Clavinet and piano:
Larry Harlow (tracks 3, 5–12)
guest guitar:
John Frusciante (track 3)
guest solo electric guitar:
John Frusciante (track 3)
Cedric Bixler‐Zavala (tracks 1–12)
Rich Costey (tracks 1–12)
Cedric Bixler‐Zavala (tracks 1–12)
Amputekthure (tracks 1–12)
EMI April Music Inc. (tracks 1–12)
Hija de lola (tracks 1–12)
mixed at:
recording of:
Cassandra Gemini (tracks 5–12)
The Widow (track 2)


manufactured in:Europe
photography:Peter Curzon
Storm Thorgerson (graphic designer)
Rupert Truman
producer:Omar Rodriguez‐Lopez
assistant mastering:Roger Lian
mastering:Howie Weinberg (mastering engineer)
bass trombone:Bill Reichenbach, Jr. (jazz trombonist)
cello:Larry Corbett
Suzie Katayama
piano:Roger Manning (power pop/electronic musician, sometimes credited simply as Roger Manning)
trombone:Nick Lane (US trombonist, composer & arranger)
trumpet:Wayne Bergeron
Salvador Hernandez (trumpet)
tuba:Randy Jones (tubist)
violin:Roberto Cani
Diego Casillas
Mario de Leon (violinist)
Joel Derouin
Erick Hernandez (violinist)
Peter Kent (violinist)
Ernesto Molina
Fernando Moreno
Josefina Vergara
copyrighted by and phonographic copyright by:The Mars Volta (from 2005 to present)
design:Dan Abbott
Peter Curzon
Bill Thorgerson
Storm Thorgerson (graphic designer)
licensed to:Universal Records (1996–2005 American pop label – “RECORDS” must be a part of the logo!)
mastered at:Masterdisk in New York, New York, United States
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ASIN:UK: B0007GAEW6 [info]
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