Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Gelatine Fixation (DJ Donna Summer Tittymix)
Otto von Schirach ?:??
A2 Request Line (Switch remix)
Skream ?:??
A3 Rock the Park
Emynd ?:??
A4 Without You (Dead Soul Brothers remix)
Winona ?:??
A5 Siren Chaser
DJ Donna Summer ?:??
A6 T.Rek (remix)
Nick Coleman and T-Rek ?:??
A7 Ronnie Gordon (remix)
Nick Coleman ?:??
A8 Black Chrome
Circuit Freaq ?:??
A9 Can You Feel It
DJ Rob Theezy ?:??
A10 Pretty Girls (feat. Mapei) (Sinden remix)
Stuffa & Andy ?:??
A11 Fake Blood Theme (Jokers of the Scene re-edit)
Fake Blood ?:??
A12 Mash Up the Speakers
Hostage ?:??
A13 Volta (Oliver Giacommotto mix)
Robot Needs Oil ?:??
A14 The Chase
DJ Rob Threezy ?:??
B1 Rock Rock Rock (remix)
Aaron Spectre ?:??
B2 Bad Dreams
DJ Isaac ?:??
B3 Bish Bosh
Yolk ?:??
B4 I Got Ya
DJ Donna Summer ?:??
B5 Nothing Else Matters
DJ Zany & Dv8 ?:??
B6 Playing With Knives
Bizarre Inc. ?:??
B7 Twilight Zone
Coon and Zx ?:??
B8 How Low
M-Project ?:??
B9 Oh Baby
DJ Donna Summer ?:??
B10 Video Killed the Radio Star
DJ Shimamura ?:??
B11 Drop It
Igor ?:??
B12 Rave Music Resurrected
The Panacea and AC Slater ?:??


Cassette 1

Bizarre Inc (90s UK dance-pop group) (track B6)
Andy Meecham (track B6)
Dean Meredith (track B6)
Rob Threezy (track A14)
Carl Turner (track B6)
Donna Summer (electronic musician Jason Forrest) (track A1)
Olivier Giacomotto (track A13)
James Hetfield (track B5)
Lars Ulrich (track B5)
cover recording of:
later parody versions:
later translated parody versions:
Fetter (track B5)
later translated versions:
E chi se ne frega (track B5)
Hododoo (track B5)
later versions:
Nothing Else Matters (S&M version) (track B5)
recording of:
Geliatin Fixation (track A1)
Playing With Knives (track B6)
The Chase (track A14)