Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Gelatine Fixation (DJ Donna Summer Tittymix)
Otto von Schirach ?:??
A2 Request Line (Switch remix)
Skream ?:??
A3 Rock the Park
Emynd ?:??
A4 Without You (Dead Soul Brothers remix)
Winona ?:??
A5 Siren Chaser
DJ Donna Summer ?:??
A6 T.Rek (remix)
Nick Coleman and T-Rek ?:??
A7 Ronnie Gordon (remix)
Nick Coleman ?:??
A8 Black Chrome
Circuit Freaq ?:??
A9 Can You Feel It
DJ Rob Theezy ?:??
A10 Pretty Girls (feat. Mapei) (Sinden remix)
Stuffa & Andy ?:??
A11 Fake Blood Theme (Jokers of the Scene re-edit)
Fake Blood ?:??
A12 Mash Up the Speakers
Hostage ?:??
A13 Volta (Oliver Giacommotto mix)
Robot Needs Oil ?:??
A14 The Chase
DJ Rob Threezy ?:??
B1 Rock Rock Rock (remix)
Aaron Spectre ?:??
B2 Bad Dreams
DJ Isaac ?:??
B3 Bish Bosh
Yolk ?:??
B4 I Got Ya
DJ Donna Summer ?:??
B5 Nothing Else Matters
DJ Zany & Dv8 ?:??
B6 Playing With Knives
Bizarre Inc. ?:??
B7 Twilight Zone
Coon and Zx ?:??
B8 How Low
M-Project ?:??
B9 Oh Baby
DJ Donna Summer ?:??
B10 Video Killed the Radio Star
DJ Shimamura ?:??
B11 Drop It
Igor ?:??
B12 Rave Music Resurrected
The Panacea and AC Slater ?:??


Cassette 1

Rob Threezy (track A14)
Donna Summer (electronic musician Jason Forrest) (track A1)
Olivier Giacomotto (track A13)
James Hetfield (track B5)
Lars Ulrich (track B5)
cover recording of:
later parody versions:
later translated parody versions:
Fetter (track B5)
later translated versions:
E chi se ne frega (track B5)
Hododoo (track B5)
later versions:
Nothing Else Matters (S&M version) (track B5)
recording of:
Geliatin Fixation (track A1)
The Chase (track A14)