Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 World in My Eyes
Gameover feat. Holestar 4:04
2 Sweetest Perfection (Fettdog "Sweetest Imperfection" mashup)
Depeche Mode 4:29
3 Personal Jesus
Dsico feat. Adrian Roberts 4:16
4 Halo (Jimmi Jammes "Violated Halo" mashup)
Depeche Mode 4:50
5 Waiting for the Night
JoolsMF 5:08
6 Enjoy the Silence (Andreas Churchill's "Violated" mix)
Depeche Mode 6:46
7 Policy of Truth (Bumtschak "Policy of Alcatraz" mashup)
Depeche Mode 4:41
8 Blue Dress (ATOM's "Short Skirt" mix)
Depeche Mode 4:40
9 Clean (Solcofn mashup)
Depeche Mode 5:17


Medium 1

Martin L. Gore (tracks 1–9)
guest lead vocals:
Adrian Roberts (track 3)
Martin L. Gore (tracks 1–9)
Jimmi Jammes (track 4)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (tracks 3–4, 6)
mash-up of:
Clean by Depeche Mode (track 9)
Halo by Depeche Mode (track 4)
Policy of Truth (album version) by Depeche Mode (track 7)
World in My Eyes (album version) by Depeche Mode (track 4)
remix of:
Blue Dress by Depeche Mode (track 8)
Back in Black by AC/DC (track 2)
Enjoy the Silence (track 6)
cover recording of:
Personal Jesus (track 3)
World in My Eyes (track 1)
later parody versions:
Luikurihumppa (track 3)
later translated versions:
Gaudeix el silenci (track 6)
later versions:
The Silence (track 6)
recording of:
Blue Dress (track 8)
Clean (track 9)
Enjoy the Silence (track 6)
Halo (track 4)
Policy of Truth (track 7)

Release Group

remix of: Violator by Depeche Mode