Recorded at Flying Pig, Summer 1984

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Intro
Disrupters 1:04
A2 The Evil Dead
Disrupters 3:56
A3 Morphine Stockbroker
Disrupters 2:04
A4 Surfshock
Disrupters 3:48
A5 State Bootboys
Disrupters 2:56
A6 Playing With Fire
Disrupters 4:58
A7 Bungalows of Sprowston
Prem Nick 2:13
B1 Elvis and His Dream
Disrupters 3:42
B2 Someone Bombed the Orphanage
Disrupters 3:47
B3 Bomb Heaven
Disrupters 3:40
B4 Norman Tebbit
Prem Nick 0:32
B5 Rich Whore
Disrupters 3:31
B6 Vermin in Ermine
Disrupters 4:03
B7 Braindance
Disrupters 2:47


12" Vinyl 1

Prem Nick (tracks A7, B4)