12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Sermon
A2 Gem Asylum
A3 Traveling
A4 Right
A5 Do the Maneuver
B1 Rats
B2 My Mind Is Broken by the Sound
B3 When I'm in a Car
B4 Airshow
B5 I Can't Stop Eating Sugar
B6 Gas Station Attendant


12" Vinyl 1

Randy Randall (tracks B2–B3)
electronic instruments:
Matmos (tracks A2, A4)
Chester Endersby Gwazda (tracks A1–B3, B6)
recording engineer:
James Twig Harper (tracks A1–B3, B6)
Ed Schrader (tracks A1–B3, B6)
recording of:
Do the Maneuver (track A5)
Gem Asylum (track A2)
Rats (track B1)
Right (track A4)
Sermon (track A1)
Traveling (track A3)
When I'm in a Car (track B3)

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