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CD 1
1Poetry Speaks Introduction
Charles Osgood0:54
2Biography of Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Charles Osgood0:33
3The Bugle Song (excerpt)
Lord Alfred Tennyson0:53
4The Charge of the Light Brigade (excerpt)Lord Alfred Tennyson1:20
5Biography of Robert Browning
Charles Osgood0:51
6How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix I
Robert Browning0:55
7Biography of Walt Whitman
Charles Osgood0:39
8America (excerpt)
Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago0:39
9Biography of William Butler Yeats
Charles Osgood1:19
10The Lake Isle of Innisfree (discussion)
William Butler Yeats2:02
11The Lake Isle of Innisfree
William Butler Yeats1:08
12Coole Park and Ballylee, 1931
William Butler Yeats1:17
13Biography of Gertrude Stein
Charles Osgood0:55
14Christian Berard
Gertrude Stein0:50
15She Bowed to Her Brother
Gertrude Stein2:19
16Biography of Robert Frost
Charles Osgood0:48
17The Oven Bird
Robert Frost0:55
18The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost1:05
19Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Robert Frost0:53
20Nothing Gold Can Stay
Robert Frost0:36
21The Silken Tent
Robert Frost0:48
22Biography of Carl Sandburg
Charles Osgood0:48
Carl Sandburg0:48
24Cool Truths
Carl Sandburg1:12
25107 from The People, Yes
Carl Sandburg2:54
26Biography of Wallace Stevens
Charles Osgood1:01
27Fabliau of Florida
Wallace Stevens0:48
28Bantams in Pine-Woods
Wallace Stevens0:54
29So-And-So Reclining on Her Couch
Wallace Stevens2:09
30No Ideas About the Thing But the Thing Itself
Wallace Stevens1:30
31Biography of William Carlos Williams
Charles Osgood0:54
William Carlos Williams0:50
33To Elsie
William Carlos Williams1:47
34The Red Wheelbarrow
William Carlos Williams0:16
35Biography of Ezra Pound
Charles Osgood1:15
36Cantico Del Sole
Ezra Pound0:58
37Hugh Selwyn Maugerly II, IV, and V
Ezra Pound2:59
38XLV from The Cantos
Ezra Pound3:12
39Biography of Hilda Doolittle
Charles Osgood0:45
40Helen in Egypt (excerpt)
Hilda Doolittle3:32
41Biography of Robinson Jeffers
Charles Osgood0:37
42The Day Is a Poem (September 19, 1939)
Robinson Jeffers1:42
43Oh, Lovely Rock
Robinson Jeffers2:38
44Biography of John Crowe Ransom
Charles Osgood0:32
45Captain Carpenter
John Crowe Ransom3:48
46Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter
John Crowe Ransom1:13
47Biography of T.S. Eliot
Charles Osgood0:49
48The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
Thomas Stearns Eliot8:40
49La Figlia Che Piange
Thomas Stearns Eliot2:14
CD 2
1Biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay
Charles Osgood0:32
recording of:
Recuerdo (1919 poem)
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Edna St. Vincent Millay1:24
3I Shall Forget You Presently My Dear
Edna St. Vincent Millay0:57
4Childhood Is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies
Edna St. Vincent Millay2:30
5Biography of Dorothy Parker
Charles Osgood0:43
6One Perfect Rose
Dorothy Parker0:53
Dorothy Parker0:20
Dorothy Parker0:46
9Biography of E.E. Cummings
Charles Osgood0:41
10Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town
E. E. Cummings3:57
11As Freedom is a Breakfastfood
E. E. Cummings2:30
12Biography of Louise Bogan
Charles Osgood0:31
13The Dream
Louise Bogan1:57
14Song for the Last Act
Louise Bogan2:47
15Biography of Melvin B. Tolson
Charles Osgood0:43
16An Ex-Judge at the Bar
Melvin B. Tolson2:59
17Dark Symphony V and VI
Melvin B. Tolson1:53
18Biography of Laura (Riding) Jackson
Charles Osgood0:45
19Death as Death
Laura Riding Jackson0:57
20Nothing So Far
Laura Riding Jackson1:26
21Biography of Langston Hughes
Charles Osgood0:47
22The Negro Speaks of Rivers
Langston Hughes2:24
23Mother to Son
Langston Hughes0:47
24The Weary Blues
Langston Hughes1:46
25Harlem [2]
Langston Hughes0:27
26Biography of Ogden Nash
Charles Osgood0:53
27I Do, I Will, I Have
Ogden Nash1:25
28I Must Tell You About My Novel
Ogden Nash1:40
29Biography of W.H. Auden
Charles Osgood0:35
30In Memory of W.B. Yeats
W.H. Auden3:55
31Musée des Beaux Arts
W.H. Auden1:22
32If I Could Tell You
W.H. Auden1:15
33Biography of Louis MacNeice
Charles Osgood0:38
Louis MacNeice1:16
35Meeting Point
Louis MacNeice2:36
36Biography of Theodore Roethke
Charles Osgood0:37
37My Papa's Waltz
Theodore Roethke0:53
38The Waking
Theodore Roethke1:32
39I Knew a Woman
Theodore Roethke1:43
40Biography of Elizabeth Bishop
Charles Osgood0:39
41The Fish
Elizabeth Bishop2:31
42from Crose in England
Elizabeth Bishop4:20
43Biography of Robert Hayden
Charles Osgood0:54
44Those Winter Sundays
Robert Hayden0:53
45El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcom X)
Robert Hayden2:55
46Biography of Muriel Rukeyser
Charles Osgood0:44
47Night Feeding
Muriel Rukeyser1:48
48The Poem as Mask
Muriel Rukeyser1:08
49Waiting for Icarus
Muriel Rukeyser1:37
CD 3



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