We at ESM are proud to finally unveil this next release, as it comes from one of the top minds as well as top caliber of artist in the melodic house genre...this of course is Netherlands based genius Roald Velden returning with his popular single Broken Heart, which was featured on the Elliptical Sun Sampler 005 release earlier this summer. This original mix is one that really holds dear to us at ESM as it pours on an extra thick portion of heart warming up beat melodies and smooth dreamy atmosphere, just as Roald has always been best known for.
On top of this stunning original we also have 3 remixes to accompany the release which come from Mexico's rising sensation Vintage Colors, returning ESM star Bianco Soleil and ESM resident Blackluster, all of which deliver a stunning take on this already amazing original mix.

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Broken Heart
2 Broken Heart (Bianco Soleil remix)
3 Broken Heart (Vintage Colors remix)