Vitamin Enhanced

~ Release by Ozric Tentacles (see all versions of this release, 3 available)


This numbered boxset does not have barcodes on the individual CDs. Only barcode on the outer box. Some Spines are printed "upside down". Individual numbered boxset goes past 7300...

UK Purchased 007245 has the following content:
Matrix (CD1): ∶MASTERED∶ ⋮BY NIMBUS⋮ DOVE OT 1 · 1:0
DiscID (CD1): ImwacdWX9k8bMYyAA3TGsXiuGaE-
Matrix (CD2): ∶MASTERED∶ ⋮BY NIMBUS⋮ DOVE OT 2 ∙ 1:0
DiscID (CD2): Bn7Z7NauzLITWfnDjPaqJz723Dk-
Matrix (CD3): ∶MASTERED∶ ⋮BY NIMBUS⋮ DOVE OT 3 ∙ 1:1
DiscID (CD3): 7HlELeDgM_4U8.QLYWXICGjFtnc-
Matrix (CD4): ∶MASTERED∶ ⋮BY NIMBUS⋮ DOVE OT 4 ∙ 1:3
DiscID (CD4): FnNeligX86idrWl3KWxRN1CF1a0-
Matrix (CD5): ∶MASTERED∶ ⋮BY NIMBUS⋮ DOVE OT 5 ∙ 1:0
DiscID (CD5): ubQITShBmxrxQ2xjfNU3xCObf1g-
Matrix (CD6): ∶MASTERED∶ ⋮BY NIMBUS⋮ DOVE OT 6 ∙ 1:0
DiscID (CD6): 7rO754TONfF45sRY.dlidYA_v_4-

Fixing the dots - see images. There are five dots stacked in front of the "MASTERED BY NIMBUS" text, then a single dot after the CD number, with the last numbers etched.

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