The People’s Choice Music

~ Release by Komar & Melamid and Dave Soldier (see all versions of this release, 3 available)



Composed by Dave Soldier
Lyrics by Nina Mankin
Executive Producer: Charles Simonyi
Produced by Jane Bausman
Recorded by Rory Young at Big House Studios and Acme Recording Studio
Featuring Vernon Reid On Guitar

The Most Wanted Song:
Female vocal: Ada Dyer
Male vocal: Ronnie Gent
Guitar: Vernon Reid
Saxophone: Andy Snitzer
Cello: Lisa Haney
Keyboards/violin/drums: Dave Soldier
Additional drums: Rory Young
Bass drum: Komar & Melamid

The Most Unwanted Song:
Soprano: Dina Emerson
Speaking vocal: Nina Mankin
Children: Emma Ensign, Kate Polsky, Max Polsky
Piccolo/flute: Elissa Kleeman
Harmonica: Wade Schuman
Bagpipe: David Watson
Accordion: Yuri Lemeshev
Harp: Margerie Fitts
Organ: Mary Bopp
Banjo: Dave Soldier
Tuba: David Grego
Percussion: Christine Bard
Bass drum: Komar & Melamid
Conductor: Norman Yamada

* Komar & Melamid perform bass drum (performs other percussion has been used instead).

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